Galaxy of Heroes for Mac on the M1?

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With Apple now releasing Macs with the M1 chip, is there any way we see Galaxy of Heroes come to the Mac App Store?
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    I swear, if I miss this ability because I had to buy a MacBook at the beginning of the year instead of now, like I wanted to, I'm gonna be ****.
  • dont feel bad. I just bought my macbook in late October.
  • I bought one and should have it beginning of December, I'll update this thread then if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  • While Apple does advertise iOS support, it seems like that currently has a lot of teething problems, according to ARS. I'd expect the situation to get better at some point.
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    Just received my MacBook Air M1 tonight. Very disappointed swgoh is not available
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  • Put me down as another person seriously interested in M1 compatible SWGOH. At some point soon, and definitely within a year or so, I'm going to be using an M1 mac & I would much rather carry one device than multiples.

    Please get this done soon, CG.
  • @CG_Doja_Fett Any chance we can get this brought to the developers attention? The game runs nicely on the new M1 MacBooks using the work around to get it installed, it just needs to be modified to be compatible in the App Store.
  • Well, since they have to port it, why not make a desktop version of SWGOH as well and cut apple/google out of the loop entirely? Origin is already established, so it makes no $$$ sense to me why this hasn’t happened yet. It will open SWGOH to an entire PC community that doesn’t like to use bluestacks or nox(heard some hacky things about nox)

    Plus Ahnald will pay for it.
  • Well, looks like the newest update breaks this working on the M1 Mac's. Tried installing the update and it fails. Anyone else have this problem?
  • So turns out it was the update Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 beta that was blocking the app install. So FYI don't update your Mac's beyond 11.2.2 others you will not be able to update this game.
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