Darth Sidious: To Zeta or not to Zeta ?

Hello people,

I am going after SEE and there's one topic which is bothering me deeply.
Should I zeta Sidious to be able to go through tier 1 of SEE ?

Some people say it's not necessary... that you can do it without ever loosing a round...

Some people say to do it, just in case...
But zetas are a high commodity for me... I don't want to waste it if it isn't necessary...

thanks mates!


  • His zeta is a waste beyond this event and there are several video guides on modding him so you don't have to zeta him. For long time players with zetas to spare, no big deal. For the rest of us if you can avoid a zeta here, you will be well served in avoiding it.
  • Straegen, thanks mate!!
    Sorry for asking, but is there any specific video that you think is good?
    thanks again!
  • You should definitely give him his zeta. It's the difference between him being completely useless, to being quite decent and even good in niche situations. Mine does get ludicrous amounts of health at r7, and he's quite good actually in a Triumvirate squad.

    Without his zeta however he'd be little more useful than a virtual paperweight. He would die way too quickly and he doesn't do nearly enough useful stuff fast enough to justify dying quickly.
  • Dew it
  • It isn't necessary but I did it anyways. Was pleasantly surprised how tanky he became after. You have to relic him anyways so might as well make him a possible placement on a Sith team. His healing immunity can come in handy at least.
  • Go ahead and give it to him. It makes T1 way less of a hassle, and he's actually pretty decent with it. Not like, amazing, but you can at least get some use out of him, which takes the sting off having to push him to R7.

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