Galactic legends ticket system

The ticket system for the galactic legends is horrible. I spent 3 days farming 120 tickets only to have them taken away because of bad RNG in a rock paper scissors battle with Vader. It is extremely frustrating to gear all those toons up and then have to spend days farming things that I did not want to farm because I have to use light side energy only to get the tickets I need. Then to have those tickets take away with nothing to show for it. Once Vader gets 2 sets of dots on JKL it is over when he uses the culling blade. I won it once and lost twice.
What is the purpose behind the tickets except to make getting the galactic legends take longer and have us waste time and energy?
If you are going to make us farm tickets let us farm what we want not just light or dark side energy. Don’t take away our tickets when we fail in a battle that we are guaranteed to lose if RNG lets the battle go on to long.


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