Jedi Quest Update Request

With Jedi viable in arena again, a lot of my guild, myself included, are working through the Jedi Knight/Master quests. Getting top 10/5/1 in HAAT is a required feat. With HAAT moving to simmable, is there a way to update the quest?

Rancor Raid quests are also unobtainable due to simming. I have 4 quests just sitting there. It's not like the rewards are that great, it's just for those of us who are completionists, it's annoying.


  • CharlyGator
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    What about this? For some of us this prestige quests are cool. Simm raids should counts for them, or maybe the game remember your historic of positions...
  • I think they removed all Rancor requirements from the quests some time after the pit became simmable. I don't know what Rancor quest you're stuck on, but there's a list of the challenge quests and their requirements here:
    If the requirement listed there is different from your in-game requirements, abandoning and re-attempting the quest should update it. You should definitely google this before trying because I don't remember this for certain, but I think it saves the number of phases you completed; abandoning will just reset the progress of your current phase.
    That said, I also hope they update the HAAT challenge requirements.
  • Has anyone given any updates on this? Obvious that the Jedi Master Challenge is no longer attainable if you are in a guild that SIMs the HAAT Raid.
  • This needs to be fixed ASAP as it is going to cause problems.
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