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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s Update adds a brand new Challenge Tier to The Pit Raid. Veteran guild can face off against one of the most difficult Rancor and earn Relic 8 materials. Guilds will also be able to sim the AAT Raid with today’s update and there are several changes to Galactic Challenges.

  • Galactic Challenges has a new reward system with Challenge Keycards. Read more about it here.
  • The Pit has a new Challenge Tier with Relic Amplifier Level 8 materials as a reward. Read more about the event here.
    • Note: The Guild Leader must log in for the Guild to receive the initial 210,000 Challenge Raid Tickets
  • Relic Amplifier Level 8 has been added to the game.
  • The Tank Takedown raid is now simmable as long as you've cleared Heroic Tank Takedown 50 times, and have at least 35 members with 7-Star General Kenobi.

  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug with mod loadout ordering that causes a broken UI.
  • GENERAL - Fixed issue with the Vulnerable debuff using the incorrect icon.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue preventing some Galactic Challenge battles from completing after the event ends despite battle timer still showing time remaining.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue in the Rebel Assault Territory Battle where Snowtrooper Ops' massive damage was tagged as Physical damage.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue where summoned units did not display they were summoned on inspection.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Droids under the effect of L3-37's, "For the Droids", ability would not be defeated by Rancor's Devour, or Sith Triumvirate Nihilus' Annihilate abilities.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where General Skywalker could critically hit enemies inflicted with Vulnerable and Armor Shred while he is Linked.

Here is the list of known issues with today’s update. You can find the issues we are currently aware of and their status on the official Developer Tracker.
  • Ranks rewards 2-5 are the same for The Pit Challenge Tier but the list of Raid Rewards in game only shows Rank 2.
  • The summoned unit in the next Galactic Challenge will count as an attacker towards Gideon's leader ability.
  • Sometimes the animation of "Airstrike" ability in P4 of The Tank Takedown is cut off.
  • The B2 Super Battle Droids do not respawn after the AAT exit its "Toppled" state in The Tank Takedown.
  • Launching a Challenge Tier of The Pit does not mention the Relic 5 requirements, only the 7* star requirement.
  • If you try to participate in the Challenge Tier of The Pit without any relic 5 characters, it will say you don't have any 7* characters, even if you do have 7* characters.


This limited time bundle contains Relic materials and scraps, including the materials needed for Relic 8! Power up your characters and unlock their true potential!

Bundle includes:
  • Credits (x1,000,000)
  • Fragmented Signal Data (x10)
  • Incomplete Signal Data (x15)
  • Flawed Signal Data (x25)
  • Carbonite Circuit Board (x20)
  • Bronzium Wiring (x30)
  • Chromium Transistor (x20)
  • Aurodium Heatsink (x20)
  • Electrium Conductor (x20)
  • Zinbiddle Card (x20)
  • Impulse Detector (x10)
  • Aeromagnifier (x10)
Date Available: Dec 9th
Minimum Level Requirement: 85
Maximum # Purchases: 3

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