Echoes in the Force. Looking for daily active players.

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Echoes in the Force

Our guild is looking for daily active players who like the game and the Star Wars universe.
We want to play smartly within our available time, without stress or burnout.
We are mostly f2ps and dolphins who enjoy playing the game daily without being too ambitious.

We want to replace some inactive members.
Looking for...
1 player with 1.5 M+ GP

Canada/US/Europe guild. 125M GP.
All raids heroic. Raids have 24h join period and generally start around 12:00 EST. We sim Pit and Haat.
We're doing DS Geo TB (14*) and LS Geo TB (7*). Full TB participation is expected. TB performance is our main focus.
TW participation is optional. TW win ratio over 85%.

Our guild has been growing organically and steadily.

If you like to play effectively, without stress or burnout, come and join us.
We're using discord as our primary communication tool.

If you want to join, visit our recruitment chat on discord:

Or send a message to FireStorm#7772.
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