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I’ve been having issues with this event. I’m on the hard mission, and I’ve tried to do this over 500 times and I still cannot get through it. Is there some sort of trick to it or what cuz it’s ticking me off that I can’t progress any further. Please help me
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  • What is your team?
  • The team they give you, the rebels training event thing.
  • Search you tube for strategy videos. Been a while since I did it, but I couldn't figure it out for a while. Once I watched a couple videos, I finished it in a couple tries. IIRC, you need to spread stuns around. I believe you want to stun thrawn with Han. Stun Vader with r2, and hammer palp down.
    1. Stun Thrawn with Han
    2. Smoke Kenobi
    3. Leia on Palp/Vader
    4. Han and R2 stun Vader and Palp ASAP
    5. Buff immunity one stormtrooper and stun-lock the other
    6. Keep the big 3 stuunned and work on them and TFP.
    7. Stormtroopers last
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