Is potency for counter atack?

I need help i want to beat palpatin and want more potency so i can counter atack him.
PS do you guys have any recommendation for mods.


  • UdalCuain
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    edited February 5
    Potency has no affect on counter chance. The chance to counter is stated in abilities. The chance of counter attacks can't be adjusted by mods.

    Edit: you need to post a account. People can't advise on mods without knowing what you have.
  • crzydroid
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    Potency helps determine the chance of landing a debuff. If you are using Phoenix, counter-attack chance should be high if you have Kanan's unique leveled high enough. Potency can still be good for landing stun on him though if Zeb hits him while he already has Daze, Stagger, or Expose.
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