An Ugnaught Faction

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I have made an Ugnaught faction, which includes Ugnaught, Kuiil, and two new additions, the Ugnaught Chief and the Ugnaught Engineer. And for Ugnaught, he is getting a rework, and he will become Ugnaught Scavenger. If you have any feedback, please put it below.

Kit #1: Ugnaught Chief
Unit Name: Ugnaught Chief
Tags: Neutral, Ugnaught
Description: Ugnaught Leader that grants Ugnaught allies Dismantle
Basic: Shock Prod (Omega):
Deal Special damage to target enemy with a 70% Chance to Stun them for 2 turns.
Special: Ugnaught Force (Cooldown 3) (Omega):
Deal Special Damage to target enemy, then call all Ugnaught allies to assist.
Special: Repair Functions (Cooldown 5) (Omega):
All Ungaughts gain Max Health equal to 10% of Ugnaught Chief's Max Health. Any defeated Ugnaught allies revive at 10% of their Max Health.
Leader:Chief of the Ugnaughts (Zeta):
All Ugnaught allies have +30% Defense, +20% Potency, and +25 Speed. At the start of each encounter, all Ugnaught allies are granted the ability Dismantle, which can only be used once each encounter.Dismantle: Dispel all debuffs on target ally, then deal damage to target enemy equal to 30% of the target ally's Max Health. Droid enemies are instantly defeated by this attack instead.
Unique: Head of the Ugnaught Tribe (Zeta):
Whenever an Ugnaught attacks a Droid enemy, they gain 5% Offense (stacking). Whenever an Ugnaught defeats any enemy, they gain Defense Up for 2 turns. Ugnaughts have 30% Counter Chance.

Kit #2: Ugnaught Engineer
Unit Name: Ugnaught Engineer
Tags: Neutral, Support, Ugnaught
Description: Swift Ugnaught Support that Carbon-Freezes enemies.
Basic: Welding Tool Strike (Omega):
Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and inflict Burning for 2 turns.
Special: Carbon-Freeze (Cooldown 5) (Omega):
Stun target enemy for one turn, and inflict them with the debuff Carbon-Sickness for three turns once they are unstunned. These debuffs cannot be evaded or resisted.
Carbon-Sickness: Are dazed and blinded for 3 turns, have 0% evasion, and -50% Speed.
Special: Carbon-Freeze Expert (Cooldown 4) (Omega):
Deal special damage to all enemies. If they have Carbon-Sickness, increase their cooldowns by one.
Unique:Tibanna Engineer (Omega):
Whenever an enemy is Stunned by Carbon-Freeze, Ugnaught Engineer gains Offense Up, Potency Up, and Speed Up for 2 turns.

Kit #3: Reworked Ugnaught (Ugnaught Scavenger)
Unit Name: Ugnaught Scavenger
Tags: Neutral, Attacker, Ugnaught
Description: Ugnaught Attacker with strong Anti-Droid synergy
Basic: Break Open (Omega):
Deal physical damage to target enemy. This attack does 100% more damage against and inflicts Defense Down on Droids.
Special: Stun Grenade (Cooldown 3) (Omega):
Deal special damage to all enemies with a 80% chance to Stun Droids for 1 turn, and a 50% chance to stun other enemies for 1 turn.
Special: Scavenge (Cooldown 4) (Omega):
Deal Special damage to target enemy and grant allies one of these bonuses based on the type of opponent:
Attacker: Offense Up or Defense Penetration for 2 turns
Support: Speed Up or Stealth for 2 turns
Tank: Defense Up or Protection Up for 2 turns
Healer: Heal Over Time or Tenacity Up for 2 turns
Unique: Droid Experts (Omega):
Ugnaught Scavenger has +20% Defense Penetration and +10% Evasion for each Droid Enemy.
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