Zetas you regret?



  • Sewpot wrote: »
    Once you guys unlock KAM, you will stop regretting putting zeta lead on gyoda

    Why? It’s still not as good as QGJ lead. 30% speed plus Kams zeta adding another 30% speed helps bring the offence on support and healers up to attacker levels. That’s way more deadly then yodas lead.

    You need to watch some gameplay if you think that. QGJ was not nearly as good of a lead as GMY for KAM.

  • Hmm, I wonder, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I don't have any zetas that I regret? Lol. Sure, some are super outdated by now and are considered terrible by today's standards, but they served a purpose back then so I can't say I regret any because I got a use out of them at a certain point in the game.
  • LordDirt
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    They arent to hard to get so no real regrets here either.
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