Arena Join / Player lock. FIX THIS

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Thanks to having to remod my relic’d Imperial Troopers to survive the opening salvo of tier 3, I failed to move mods back to JKR, JML and others before joining GA today. 4 hours before it even starts, I already know I’ve lost this entire round of 3 matches. Ya’ll have known about this for over a year and done nothing to fix it. I wouldn’t have had to remod in the first **** place if t3 Ewoks weren’t so blatantly stupid fast. There are soooo many things like this that irritate the hell out of players.


  • CCyrilS
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    You shouldn't do that next time.
  • Gifafi
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    you can also join then move mods for conquest next time
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Is it annoying? Yes.

    Have you ALSO known about it for a year? Also yes.

    They've already said it's not as simple as just making a leave/rejoin function in GAC, as matchmaking starts as soon as you hit the button. Would require a redesign of multiple things.

    Could they do it? Yes.

    Is it worth the time and effort when everyone should know about it by now and be able to deal with it? ...
  • Yes, I’ve known about it for a year, and in a year I hadn’t done it. (Genius-level response, by the way) The fact that we HAVE to do it, and there is no recourse, is unacceptable. The “gee, it’s hard, we don’t want to” (or can’t do) is also unacceptable. The negative impact this has on what has become THE cornerstone content of swgoh is pretty enormous. I honestly can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed while we waited for over a year for any new content at all.
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