RELIC 8 MATTS - detecting an impulse to smash something!

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We all curled over in agonising pain, when CG, introduced more punishing relic materials to farm. OK so they put the Areomagnifers behind rancor, which is ok i suppose, but then they choose not to offer up any of the Impulse Detectors so now after several weeks everyone is amassing piles of Areromagnifers which are completely and utterly useless without Impulse Detectors - I have about 160 of these now, and frankly the incentive to create those amazing rancor teams has now fizzled away into nothingness because hitting those top rancor spots for more Areromagnifer seems completely pointless in the absence of scaling as far as the dreaded and illusive Impulse Detector are concerned.

Essentially they have enginneed it so after a while you really don't care about rancor top 10 placements any longer. Well done.

Why not throw some of the Impulse Detectors in with the Areromagnifer??? The Impulse Detector is now the most valuable resource in game. Yet another example of CG engineering YET another in game bottleneck, which succeeds in no rational sense.

Impulse Detectors are a critical resource for gearing from G12 to G13 - A precious material already in crazy demand. They then wait until your about ready to jump off the empire state building onto a bicycle with no seat, and shout - NO wait - here is a £40 pack with a tiny tiny chance you might get some.

Does anyone not think this a TAD sadistic?

All i am asking is perhaps another glance at the distribution of this material?

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