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  • I mean this is really, really tame compared to actual shard mafias. He isn't even threatening you, he's just politely asking that you do him the courtesy of not dropping him before his payout, and if he's not lying then he's already extending that courtesy to you by not dropping you during his climb when possible. In any case, shard chats aren't something CG can or will do anything about. If you're getting actual abusive messages in game from players then by all means report them, but this doesn't come close to being threatening or breaking any rules
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    I'd like CG_Leviathan to see this, this guy is in a group and they make you spend crystals to climb up, and now, he's threatening me by dm, he claims this game to be fun, but that kind of people don't make it fun at all
    Also, if you are hitting people in arena when you know full well their payout comes before your payout, I’d say you deserve everything you get.
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