What is the best FO Team + mods without SLKR

Right now I’m trying to get SLKR but I am following a guide where I have 2 teams for phases 1+2 & 3+4 but I want my squad arena team to be (before SLKR)
Kru (L) (zeta: merciless pursuit) (Relic:3)
Hux (zeta: Boundless Ambition)
KR (masked)

Just in case it makes a difference


KRU: maxed
Hux: maxed
SiT: maxed
KR (masked) : 4

Middle abilities:

Kru: Maxed
Hux: Maxed
SiT: maxed
Kr (masked): 4

3rd abilities

KRU: maxed
Hux: maxed
SiT: maxed
KR (masked): 6

KRU: 7
Hux : Maxed
SiT: 7
KR (masked): 7

KRU: Maxed
Hux: 4
Even tho I use KRU as leader

I rlly want to know the best mods for the team please help, will be greatly appreciated!


  • Vendi1983
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    KRU - 2x health, 4x defence. Health primaries on triangle, cross and circle.

    Hux - speed and tenacity - as much secondary speed and tenacity as possible

    OG Kylo - 4x offense, 2x tenacity, protection circle

    SiT - offense x4, health or tenacity x2 - as much overall offense as possible. Speed less critical as he's assisting and taking bonus turns.

    FOST - 6x defence, protection primaries on arrow, triangle, circle and cross.

    Mod like this and there will be less re-modding when you unlock SLKR.
  • Hux lead is great on offense, or for GA/TW, where people might not bring top tier teams in, but for arena I'd give the edge to KRU for the built in survivability.

    Hux has his uses as a leader, particularly when you choose who to attack. Not so good on defence.
  • Upside to FOST is he also dispels, can call assists, and grants team-wide TM with his taunt.

    FOO + Hux can do some crazy cooldown manipulations too.
  • I think i might do what some people have suggested and use hux as a ga/tw lead and replace FOST with FOO because of the cool down manipulation with hux TYSM
  • Why is it that FOST is only useful with SLKR?
  • Also what mods would you use for cool down manipulation maybe the same as hux?
  • Zumwan wrote: »
    Why is it that FOST is only useful with SLKR?

    Constant taunt I think, due to regaining advantage alot
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