New player and have no idea what to focus on

The title pretty much says it all. I’m new to the game, spent the $100, and now I have no idea who to focus on. I’m thinking I want to go for SLKR, but I’ve read that it may be limiting my other beginning squads.

I hope that helps. Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • I would get a few legendaries first. Maybe CLS, finish Thrawn, JKR, maybe even Padme. Then go for SLKR when you have some teams to stop you from getting steamrolled in GAC.
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  • I would IMMEDIATELY focus on your Fleet Arena. With the Hyperdrive Bundle you have an excellent chance of getting to 1st place in your fleet arena every day for a long time. If you invest in ships and pilots right now, you might be able to keep that up essentially forever.

    In return, finishing first in Fleet Arena will reward you with 400 crystals/day for as long as you can stay on top, and at least 200 crystals / day for even longer just by staying in the top 10 when the day finally comes that someone else gets a meta fleet you can't beat.

    You can also invest in a squad arena team, but there are a lot of people who will spend more than $100 purchasing specific special characters and gear that will make them unbeatable to you unless you keep pace on the spending. As a result, purchasing the Bundle you did will keep you in the top 50 if you keep up with investing in your Squad Arena team, but that's not anywhere near the 400 crystals/day that fleet arena can get you (since it's vastly easier to finish #1 there).

    So... my investment priorities, at this moment and if I were you, would be
    1) Fleet Arena ships and pilots (including gear for the pilots, obviously)
    2) any extra ships and pilots you need to finish all the Fleet Challenges and start earning zeta mats
    3) MODS. It's never too early to focus on mods, and you'll need them.
    4) A solid Squad Arena team (Padmé + Galactic Republic is probably good for where you're at, but many others are reasonable options)
    5) Bounty Hunters (to max out all the BH events, which are very important not just for credits from the Credit Heist, but also shards of otherwise rare or hard to get characters and, finally, to get Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon, one of the best ships in the game).

    Others, of course, will have different ideas (or the same ideas but they might have stronger opinions about which squad you should farm for your Squad Arena team). Everyone here will give you good advice. They're all good folks and would never knowingly steer you wrong. Given that, and given that even with spending money this game is a LONG, LONG term collection game, whenever you have the choice between two different pieces of good advice, ALWAYS choose the one that seems more fun to you. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. If it's not fun, then you'll quit before you finish your goals anyway, so having a perfect plan that you quit in the middle of isn't actually better than a very good plan that's fun enough you carry it through.

    Remember the fun. Always put the fun first.
  • Who were some of you favorite characters in the movies/shows/books? That may help us find a path that is really run for you.
    - You don’t know everything. Deal with it.
  • Thanks for all the advice guys, I think I’ll push my Geo squad to get a strong fleet, and then get Padmé/Galactic Republic for a decent squad.
  • Sangle wrote: »
    Thanks for all the advice guys, I think I’ll push my Geo squad to get a strong fleet, and then get Padmé/Galactic Republic for a decent squad.

    Great choice! Just think about your Padme team. The standard lineup is Padme, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka, General Kenobi, and a 5th.

    You may need someone to replace GK until you get him.

    Possible 5ths include-
    C3PO (If a very big investment, so maybe not the best early game)
    Shaak Ti (Is on fleet stage 5, so not farmable yet for you)
    Barris (My personal choice)
    Clone Wars Chewbacca

    I’ve put them in order (my opinion) from strongest to weakest, but pick someone you like as a character.
    - You don’t know everything. Deal with it.
  • One of my favourite teams is CLS, Han, Chewie, Chewpio and C3PO. Great in GAC (3 and 5), TW, Arena, Conquest, just a great all round team.

    Also get yourself in a good guild that's doing all Heroic raids. Not all of them will want a low GP but I can recommend one if you are interested...

    May the force be with you

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