Casual Guilds Looking For Players - November 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



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    Looking for new players at minimum 2.5M GP. Please contact me (MorroAndJasp, in-game message through ally code 694-845-957). At posting, our guild has 47 members. Looking to get to 50 members.

    guild name: Canadian Loyalist Alliance (but members are actually from over the world, not just Canada)
    331M GP

    We have a discord server to discuss detailed TB strategies and various smaller topics. But having a discord account is not required. You can have a look below and quit if not interested.

    Speeder bike raid: Around 80M.

    Rise of the Empire TB: 21 stars.

    Update on 3/30: all spots are filled.
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    IT CROWD LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS. We are rebuilding and need new players, old players, join us and you will meet your destiny. RANCOR TANK AND SITH Raids. Great Guild to build your toons up. Pop in play a few rounds

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    Palpatines Elite is a casual guild in a rebuilding phase looking for daily players, hoping to get back to some resemblance to our former glory.

    About us:
    • German and English speaking guild
    • Discord optional
    • 5:30 PM UTC guild reset time
    • Open to Join

    What we currently offer:
    • Heroic Sith
    • Hoth territory battles

    We’re looking for:
    • Participation in guild events
    • Players level 80+

    If you have further questions or want to inquire about potential open spots when full head on over to the guild discord at
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  • RDWiz
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    MARBLES GUILD - No Rules - Just Fun
    We’re an extremely laid back friendly guild
    as of 4/9/24
    Galactic Power - 216,909,896
    Avg Galactic Power - 4,518,956
    Invite is to join us ... we are not looking to disband our guild
    Optional Discord
    We encourage all to join the TW's even if your only able to post one squad
    Raids: 24hr sign up
    Support all members
    Donate to each other
    Free advice from players that have been here a few years
    Enjoy the game and have fun

    If this sounds like your your kind of guild, contact me.
    RDWiz : Ally Code 564-989-175
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    Greetings to all players !!

    !!We are looking for active and strong members to join our guild. 408.7 M+. GP!!

    ABOUT US :

    *The Raidy Bunch

    *Galactic power: 408.7 M+

    46/50 Members

    *229 GLs, *12 Leviathan, *20 Profundity, *33 Executor

    *A very friendly, helpful, and active guild. We try to balance: the fun of playing, casual discord conversations, and the best achievements for the guild. We will gladly accept active members.

    *DSTB Geo: -,
    *LSTB Geo: -,
    * ROTE TB (27*)

    *Guild location: (E.S.T)

    *Raids: KRAYT DRAGON (169,8 M.)


    *Active member, 6.0 m GP + min. 2 GL's

    *Participating in TBs/TW (mandatory)

    *Tickets Daily - The specified number of tickets is not required (The more the better),

    *Discord account (Required)


    *AdmiralSnackbar Ally Code: 369-364-264 (Leader)
    *My Ally Code: 413-813-495,

    -AdmiralSnackbar#3722 (Leader)
    -Cincinrincin#3881 (My account)

    *If you have any questions or want to join us: write to us a message in the game or Discord.

    May the force be with you
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    Fresh new leveling guild STIKUS is waiting for all active low level players :-)
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