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[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]
Hi Holotable Heroes,

Darth Talon, the infamous Twi’lek Sith assassin, is coming to Galaxy of Heroes!

Below, we take a dive into the developers’ motivations and inspirations while creating the kit for this fan-favorite Star Wars: Legacy character.

The Basics:
  • Dark Side, Attacker, Sith
  • Mode Specific Omicron ability focuses on giving her team a boost in Grand Arenas.
  • Darth Talon has been described as a vile, acrobatic, Twi'lek Sith Lord who has no remorse and who serves her Sith master unquestionably. She will lift Sith teams in Grand Arenas by synergizing with their abilities, making them a serious offensive threat.

Unique Attributes:
  • Darth Talon’s Unique ability, “Proven Loyalty,” prevents Sith Leaders from being defeated once, and also gives Talon a lot of buffs in the process
  • 3 stacks of Loyal Hand, Stealth, and refreshes the cooldown of Dark Frenzy
  • Once Darth Talon’s Omicron Material is equipped, attacking targets who are inflicted with Pain or Isolate in Grand Arenas gives Talon’s attacks unique effects
  • Attacking targets with Pain also heals allies (doubled for Sion), inflict Buff Immunity with Dark Frenzy, increases her Speed, and gives her 1 stack of Loyal Hand
  • Attacking targets with Isolate also lowers the cooldown of Dark Frenzy and gives her 2 stacks of Loyal Hand

  • Darth Talon’s most notable personality trait is her unwavering loyalty. This is shown in her “Proven Loyalty” Unique ability. She will sacrifice some of her own Health to protect her leader if the squad is entirely Sith.
  • Darth Talon was Darth Krayt’s Hand as well as his assassin. We designed her “Ordered Assassination” Special abilty to pay homage to that part of her history, as well as gaining the Loyal Hand buff to symbolize her commitment.
  • Darth Talon’s combat style is very acrobatic and nimble. We wanted to emulate this with attacks and animations that show off her dexterity and athleticism.
  • Without Darth Krayt (or any of the One Sith) in the game, we thought it would be fitting to tie her mechanics directly to another group of powerful Sith, the Triumvirate, led by Darth Traya.

Strategy Tips:
  • When outside Grand Arenas, you’ll want her to snipe units as they get to low enough Health to defeat. In Grand Arenas, constantly hitting enemies with the Pain and Isolate status effects will really help to get the “Bonus train” going.
  • In addition to the above, attacking debuffed characters lowers the cooldown of Dark Frenzy.
  • Defeat enemies with Ordered Assassination to gain Turn Meter and further reduce the cooldown of Dark Frenzy.

  • Who is Darth Talon?
    • Darth Talon is from the comic book series Legacy, which was a post-Return of the Jedi storyline published in 2006. It takes place 137 years after the Battle of Yavin, and features a new group of Sith taking control of the galaxy. Overseen by Darth Krayt, Darth Talon served as his loyal Hand and assassin, even killing her own master without hesitation because Krayt ordered it.
  • What are the requirements and rewards for the Legacy tier in her marquee?
    • You will need both Darth Talon and Kyle Katarn at five stars and you will get 3 Omicron materials for beating it.
  • Which character is coming to Galaxy of Heroes next?
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