GAC fight timeout draw after about 20 seconds in the fight bug

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Has anyone else come across this bug, just happened to me in GAC.

Basically entered a fight with my Palp vader team to kill oQGJ. Open with MM, do crush then 4 ability blocks, going for crush again the game gives me a message for the 'Draw' time limit reached after about 20 seconds into the fight.

Thank you CG for this game breaking bug inside a mode that dictate crystal income.
Guess I didn't buy anything from CG recently so I have reduced win rate in GAC now?
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  • How much time was left in GAC before you attempted this battle? If there was under 5 minutes left in the round out of the 24h for attack that's all the time you get to battle.
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  • Well it was just now, hence I put 'just happened to me' in my original message.

    I am aware that if you attack at the very end you only get time left as round time, just like TW
  • That's pretty awful.
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    It has happened before to some people.
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