Wi-Fi connection issues

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Is there any predictions on when will this issue be addressed?
Several guildmates(me included)are having connection issues when connected through Wi-Fi.
The game gets stuck in checking updates in the loading screen and then everytime we switch screens or do a battle(mainly pvp) will be stuck for several minutes.
This problem is being reported on IOS devices, and the only turnaround we have is to use 4G
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    Are you sure it's not just bad wifi?
  • What version is your device? The Wi-Fi on my iPad works fine
  • I’m running the game on an iPhone SE with iOS 15.2, and mainly 5g or 4G Wi-Fi connections and all are giving the same issues. Already reinstated the game, cleared connection preferences and settings and all the same. In mobile data services works fine
  • Might be worth trying a different Wi-Fi channel. I occasionally have to scan for and/or update the channel on my home network to reduce interference in general (not specific to SWGOH). My AT&T service has a smart home app that allows me to scan, I imagine you can manually connect into your router to make updates as long as you know the devices IP and admin login/pw.
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