First few zetas

I made an alt account a little while ago to be more efficient with GP than my main account. Im currently rushing SLKR since having a GL is basically a requirement now. My question is, should I just stay as efficient as possible and only zeta the first order, or should I throw the MM zeta on Vader to help in Grand Arena when I hit 85?


  • zeta on MM and probably No Escape on Vader for sure. And relic him. He is a 1 man wrecking machine in GAC especially on early accounts. Full team for the price of 1 relic and a couple zetas, easy decision.

    Would also say build a g8 QGJ with omicron with relic JKA. One zeta & omicron needed there and again a full team
  • Those are great ideas, thank you!
  • Also since you are doing an SLKR rush, are you going to try to build Finalizer right away? What will be your starting fleet?

    I would still suggest to build out the Geos and their ships (plus farm VD & HB) so you can get Malevolence using GET2. In this case you should also just build the full Geo team and put the zeta on GBA's Queens Will
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    And tbh my opinion now is that a GL rush is even less important due to no crystals from Squad Arena. With the importance shifting more towards GAC and conquest, and wider roster is needed vs a top heavy GL to start.

    I would plan out based on what you will need for the Bronzium division which is 5 defensive teams and 5 offensive...with that 10th of those capping at the GL.

    Find teams that are basically carried by 1 strong relic character and build those first, with your SLKR reqs still in mind.

    For example here are some suggestions for 10 teams:
    1. Vader (g13) solo, can throw low star Darth Talon for added speed and 30% offense
    2. QGJ with omicron (g8/9) with JKA (g13)
    3. OG Kylo (g13)
    4. Geos (you'll want the fleet anyway)
    5. GG (g13) bomb team (low gear droids to triggers tons of bonus turns from GG)
    6. Shaak Ti clone bomb (g13 Fives) g8 the rest
    7. KRU (g13) plus whatever FO you are building for defensive wall
    8. Enfys Nest (g13) solo
    9. Wampa (g13) with omicron solo (since you for for SLKR first you can invest GET1 on Wampa)
    10. SLKR

    yes there is some sidetracking there, but pretty low investment to put together those 10 teams with most requiring only 1 relic character, all of which are useful for the entirety of the game.

    Also check out OldBaldGuy Gaming's thread on his F2P SLKR journey in this thread

    Can also check out his YT videos, and join the F2P Nation discord
  • The only real point of being efficient with GP is for TWs. GAC now it was only relevant for the start of the new era. So optimum play isn't being GP efficient. Being focused on what you need of course is.
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