Tips for a new player?

I started playing this game yesterday and it is really fun, but I can’t find tips anywhere on this sub. Every thread says to stop playing this game, which isn’t very helpful to a new player who actually wants to play the game. I’m currently level 27 and have most of the characters you get for free at the beginning of the game. I also have Old Daka, who I got out of a pack that I had to open to finish a daily challenge and I’m trying to farm Nightsister Acolyte from the Cantina Battles (I’m currently at 19/25).


  • Hello and welcome,

    The biggest tip I can give you is to be concentrated on what you farm and level up. Just levelling up characters because you have them is not the way to go.

    You could have a perfect team and a terrible team at the same GP and the perfect team would beat a million of the terrible team.

    So find out which characters and teams are good and which aren't. There's no point working on those that aren't.

    Lastly look at the journey characters. Legends and then galatic legends make teams great. So see what you want and are viable and work towards them.

    So in short, do your homework and prioritise.

    Night Sisters is an ok team. You'll get use out of them for your whole SWGOH journey for sure. They don't lead you anywhere though.

    Daka is essential to Night Sisters. Acolyte.......well she's lost favour in the last few years. Her strength is her stealth (being invisible). If you use that with the zombie that doesn't die if another NS is's a not bad cheese defence, but a bit old fashioned now.
  • Everything that @harvestmouse said is solid advice to go by. There are a couple of things I would like add.

    1) As was mentioned above, look at your legends, journey characters, and galactic legends. Start working on them now. One team that can help you unlock a good number of legends either directly or indirectly is Phoenix. They're not a top tier team, so you only need to level them to no higher than gear 10. However, they can unlock Palpatine and Thrawn, their ships are needed to get the Chimera, two their team are Jedi to help unlock GM Yoda. They can go along way to helping you get a few legendaries unlocked.

    2) Ultimately, you should be working towards a Galactic Legend. You'll find a whole host of threads here advising a certain GL over the others. Which ever you choose, stick it. Possibly the easiest GL to unlock first is SLKR. My first GL was JML. SEE is another one which is reasonable to unlock quickly.
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