What to build after Phoenix and First Order?

Hello there.

I've been playing for about 6 months, perhaps inefficiently, and have 1M GP. I'm hoping to step up my squad/fleet arena rankings, get gud at GAC, and generally have more strong teams so I can beat more content. Any advice would be appreciated! I describe my roster and current plans below.

I've built a 7* Phoenix Squadron team to G10-11, a 7* First Order to G8-11, and am now farming up Bounty Hunters (G8-11 but not good comp or 7* yet) and their ships. The idea was to get Hounds Tooth and other BH ships to synergize with it, so I can get higher fleet arena ranks while also working towards Han's Millennium Falcon. After that I was thinking to build a rebel fleet around the Falcon, and go for a CLS squad and C3PO (Ewoks lol).

I was hoarding crystals and then bought some BH ship packs, so I already have some of them at higher stars but they won't shine until I invest in the pilots a bit more. However maybe a First Order fleet would do better? I recently watched Darth Loquitur's beginner videos and am wondering if I should ditch my plans and follow that, even though my account isn't brand new (that'd mean get Geos squad to join a better guild, then Bastila Jedi squad, then palp Empire squad). Or maybe focus on gearing up the FO squad & fleet and then focus on getting Finalizer? Feels bad to ditch my Bounty Hunter efforts but I'm willing to do whatever gets me a bombad roster.

Full roster details: https://swgoh.gg/p/321769836/



  • So my first thought is you're only seeing half the picture.

    With Phoenix, the idea is to get a 7 star thrawn and Palpatine (which you've done). Not actually collect it for the team it is. Once you've done this, the best thing is to stop working on the team altogether. They're a very good team for newer players and good in Galatic War. However, their ceiling is very very low. So, it's better to stop farming them now.

    Your reward for that is the Empire team, which you've neglected.

    As for First Order, it's not a great team at all. It's ok, but not a team you prioritize because of the team. The reason you go for First Order early is if you're going to go all in on SLKR. I don't really see a reason for building them otherwise. Are you ok with an all in for SLKR?

    Yeah, you could go for an FO fleet. The Finalizer and FO is pretty good.

    As for Bounty Hunters. A Bounty Hunter team is very good, with the right components. However, it's really hard to use and needs to be modded perfectly. Also used in the right match ups. If not, it's a pain and super annoying.

    The ships too, don't really have that much synergy (without the Executor). Not like rebels or separatist ships do. That said The Hounds Tooth is arguably the best ship in the game. It's an absolute tank, no matter what ships you use with it.

    So I think your first decision is 'Am I all in for a GL or not?'
  • Thanks @harvestmouse, I had originally been following a guide that suggested going straight for SLKR but once I realized that meant a long hard grind with no good teams to keep me entertained along the way, I decided not to. I think I'd better stick with not doing GL yet so I don't get bored of the game!

    The guides I've read recently have helped me realize that Phoenix isn't great (I've been feeling it already but refused to believe it since they were so great at the beginning =P) so I've stopped investing in them. Thanks for confirming. FO is what's keeping me above ~1300 squad arena rank but I'm happy to ditch them for something with more midgame potential.

    You noted I've neglected Empire, are they a good option to invest or are there stronger teams in reach for me now? I see they have ships, and a team that'll ramp up both my squad and fleet is a big plus!
  • Well the good news is, you've invested in the better FO characters. So you can make an ok team there.

    I really don't consider most teams 'a team' until they're at least gear 12. So you need to think about getting your teams there before moving on. I think the 2 kylos, sith trooper, hux and the tie fighter pilot with the GAC omicron to gear 12 should be a priority right now. There's no harm done either, as in the long term it's pushing you toward SLKR.

    Yes, Empire are a good team. Not one of the best teams, but they can be a core team for you. Palpatine has also had a resurgence since the release of Mara Jade. What's more she works well at low stars. So, Palp lead, vader, Mara, Thrawn and 1 other would be another good team to get to gear 12.

    I can relate to the 'not going for a GL to keep things fresh' approach. You 'may be' able to do that for a while. However, you have to think about good legends instead. Commander Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knight Revan are both very good legends that aren't too difficult to get.

    At that point you'd have a fairly good core. FO, Empire, CLS, JKR and BH Phoenix back up.

    So the main thing right now is, you need to think of at least G12 before moving on to new teams.
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