Before I get too far along - some advice?

So I'm just in my second week of GAC. I got Phoenix far enough to get a few legends to 7*. I was working on Geos and got far enough to unlock Padme, but just that far. I switched to working on CLS to work towards JKLS and then JMLS. But now it's getting more complicated and I'm finding it challenging to keep focused. I feel like I make some progress then hit a giant brick wall. By the time you read this I should have CLS unlocked. I'm working to get my BH's strong enough to unlock Chewbacca. Eventually will get Han so I can use his Falcon too. But overall I feel like maybe I'm spreading out too much. And my fleet has been falling in the rankings. I've played many games, but this seems more complex than any thus far. My goal is continual progress in the game, as well as being an asset to my guild.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.


  • I should add that I've read a lot of threads, watched videos, but it's hard to sort out what's actually still relevant given that a lot of what comes up is 2-3 years or more old.

    And to get back to the relevance to this forum - I do need advice on just how many different squads I should work on to at least have a chance at moving up in GAC.
  • Well, looking at your roster. You're definitely spreading yourself too thinly. You're well over a million now, and you don't really have much with a punch.

    It's vital you start to focus on some thing.

    With focusing on a GL, you're giving up on initial gains for larger gains in the future. That said, to get to JML, you have to gear up a lot of great characters anyway.

    JML does have a few difficult to get characters though. 3PO, Chewie, JKL, Wampa, Hoda.....

    So, I think you need to sit down and look at the requirements for JML, JKL and CLS and decide how viable they are. My hunch is it'll take you a long time. If that's too long, you might want to aim for something a bit easier.
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    When helping my kid build his account I steered him toward SLKR as a first GL as FO is the more self sufficient grind. It helps to stay focused too.
    Next I would say Rey or SEE.
    I think Rey is a better 2nd GL now that Ben Solo has been anounced : he'll be farmable in Proving Grounds by the time you're ready for her ;-)
  • I agree with everything everyone has said so far. I picked JML as my first GL and it took me two years to get there. I am F2P and I had to gear up for both JKL and Chewbacca before I could fully hit JML. But still. Two years. I'm not trying to discourage you from that one, I'm just trying to set your expectations. I will say, now that I have him, he's definitely my favourite GL. So if you want him, go for it! This game is here for you to have fun. Just want you to make an informed decision.

    To answer your other question, in gearing up for JML, you will be getting more squads than any other GL. So that will beef up your power a lot. Including in fleets, since you'll have to get the Falcon and the Y-Wing along the way. I think you picked a great GL. Just gotta stick with it
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    Kylo is by far the best first GL to go for. It's not even close.

  • two years is a really long grind. what motivates you to play everyday knowing that you will get virtually nowhere?
  • two years is a really long grind. what motivates you to play everyday knowing that you will get virtually nowhere?

    I can't repeat it often enough. Focus.
    Just answer yourself 2 questions.
    1. What is you current goal you're working towards
    2. What is the next goal

    While working on your goal from point 1.) you can already start working a little on your next goal. Such as unlocking characters or bringing them to 7 stars, while at the same time farming gear.
    Strategies are really important. For example after I've unlocked my first GL incl Ulti and team and noticed that I would drop down in the fleet arena if I focus now on a second GL, or 2nd tier character. So I went for the Executor (all f2p) and unlocked it, incl. setting up the BH fleet for it. Now I have secured my crystal income from the fleet arena, then unlocked GAS (yes, still hadn't unlocked him at that time), bringing the 501 team to G13, and in parallel working a little on the JMK prerequisites, like bringing the remaining JMK prerequisite toons to 7 stars, with no refreshes. So when GAS and his 501 are ready and I can fully focus on gearing up JMK prerequisites.
    It seems taking ages (and it does), but eventually you will reach your objective. The annoying thing besides the long time is that it seems you're trying to catch up with the new toons but can't, and the list of toons you want to farm is growing and growing.
    I've actually given up worrying about that, I won't switch to any of these yet (only exception was when I unlocked CAT and brought her to G13 quickly without really having her on my list) and don't care about those.

    tl;dr: whatever strategy you have - if you have one - stick to it. You will reach it, and it will improve your roster.
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    Jarvind wrote: »
    Kylo is by far the best first GL to go for. It's not even close.

    This. If you *want* JML to be your first, by all means, do that. But if you're looking for quickest way to having a proper usable team, SLKR is the way to go. In the meantime you can start using your GET for Hoda/Wampa so that you are also working towards JML, but you won't have 18+ months of no payoff.
  • two years is a really long grind. what motivates you to play everyday knowing that you will get virtually nowhere?

    For the love of it. This might be a bit personal, but Star Wars was the first movie I ever remember watching as a kid. So it holds a meaningful place to me.

    Plus the sense of achievement I get when I finally best whatever event I'm working on currently is an incredible feeling. Going from being owned by LS Geo TB, to cleaning up droids left and right with a killer Jedi team is a pretty sick feeling. I play the game the way I want to with what's in the game. That's what keeps going.
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