Friday Fun (is Closed, even though the thread is open)

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Happy Friday folks,

Couple questions

What was the last character you unlocked?
Why did you unlock them?
Who are you going to unlock next?

Don't forget to leave your Ally code for no apparent reason.
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  • 1) Starkiller
    2) For another solid addition to my GA possibilities
    3) Malgus is only 1 conquest away

  • What was the last character you unlocked?
    Last character I consider an Unlock was Darth Malgus.
    Why did you unlock them?
    SWTOR is a game with many positives and many negatives. One thing that is a definite positive for the game was the imposing presence of him as a Sith Lord as portrayed in the trailers.
    I also find Conquest an interesting game mode given my roster. It's not a whale'ish roster, so I don't have every team available. I have enough that with a game plan and refreshes I was able to get him (which was a complete surprise the first time around this last Conquest, but a welcome one to be sure).
    Who are you going to unlock next?
    Not counting potential marquees, next unlock will probably be the Sith Eternal Emperor. I believe I'll have his event unlocked in about 6 weeks.
    Likely get Raddus to 7* in about 8 weeks. With the goal of a Profundity unlock next time it comes around after that.
    Don't forget to leave your Ally code for no apparent reason.
    I am going to leave my Ally code for no apparent reason. 129-485-639.
  • WookieWookie
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    1) Malgus
    2) In such awe of my own excellence (3 red creates in a row) that I inflicted Fear of gearing Malgus on myself.

    3) Ben Universewide Swolo

  • The last character I unlocked was Kyle Katarn (for no reason I waited until I had all 330 shards). I did it because at some point I'll want to unlock Starkiller. I started with him because I want to try him in a Mon Mothma team with Cara. Last month's calendar allowed me to spend the month grinding signal data, I just had to wait for the end of the month to get the last shards.
    I expect my next unlock to be GL Rey, but she's still some weeks away. Signal data is a long grind.
    My ally code is 658-857-332
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    1. Malgus

    2. So he can fear himself

    3. Either BH lando or boushh leia

  • 1. Malgus (STRAIGHT TO R9)
    2. Why? Because he was a great character in SWTOR and his kit was amazing.
    3. Radus is next for the profundity!
    4. Ally Code: 698674135
  • sigsig wrote: »
    1. Malgus

    2. So he can fear himself

    3. Either BH lando or boushh leia


    oh fun choices! wonder how soon they will be in game........
  • 1) Malgus
    2) because I enjoy the conquest grind so much
    3) swolo, unless you do any marquees between now and then. Or jabba if you are kind with the 2nd and 3rd set of requirements 😉

  • JaVCn
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    1. Raddus
    2. For profundity and for a proper rogue one squad
    3. Getting close to Rey then hopefully Profundity
  • 1. Malgus
    2. Because I for some reason have to get the red box every conquest.
    3. Ben Swolo (for the same reason above)

  • Last unlock was Malgus. Why, because he was my most recent acquisition. My next planned unlock is Profundity, but if ships don't count then I supposed whatever the next marquee is. You can find me at 811-146-279.
  • 1. Admiral Raddus
    2. For profundity reqs
    3. Krrsantan for Jabba
    4. Ally Code: 956-873-667
  • 1) Admiral Raddus

    2) Fulfill requirements for Profundity

    3) Next unlock will hopefully be SEE

  • 1. Starkiller
    2. I got nostalgic and I simp for Sam Witwer
    3. Malgus
    4. 978389375
  • Ultra
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    sigsig wrote: »
    3. Either BH lando or boushh leia

    lmao this thread is going to be fun next week
  • 1 Malgus
    2 Good soldiers follow orders
    3 Whoever is the next mystery marquee…
  • Krrsantan
    Because he is needed for Jabba
    Hondo, please?


  • 1.Wrecker
    2.He unlocked himself
    3.Well the goal is SLKR but I am sure someone else will pop up

  • 1. Malgus
    2. Because I actually enjoy Conquest
    3. The next marquee as I have everything I can unlocked. I have been playing the a loooonnnnggggg time ;)

  • Deathbringer59
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    1. GL Rey
    2. She's a GL
    3. Either SK or whatever Ben solo. I'm thinking Ben will come first

    I'm not exactly caught up to the current metas but I'm turtling behind

  • 1. Admiral Raddus
    2. Prepping for Profundity
    3. Krrsantan
  • 1. JML
    2. Besides him being the GL I was closest to after chasing JKL: I quite like Luke as a character and the Jedi in general, so going for the 'Jedi GL' was fun.
    3. SLKR or Darth Malak

    Ally Code: 736-159-914
  • Rius
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    1. CAT 😀
    2. AT is my favourite character / is uplifter towards my next unlock
    3. JMK - just one more DSTB for wat shards.

    Ally Code: 975-518-199
  • 1. Malgus
    2. I really wanted to round out my Sith Empire not to mention he is amazing.
    3. Ben Solo

    Ally Code: 567-699-735
  • Felo_weeplay
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    1 Malgus
    2 BCS it's MALGUS! (Kotor fans will understand)
    3 JML (grinding light coins)

  • ShadowJediKnight
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    1. I'm going to say SEE because I'm currently unlocking him (180/330)
    2. He's my first GL
    3. Executor. Unless we get Darth Bane. I'll do stupid things to get Darth Bane.
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  • 1. IG11
    2. Requirement for Bando
    3. Bando and then Executor (everything else will be ready)
  • 1) Malgus, Darth
    2) To try and stay in K1. Didn’t work.
    3) Next Jabba marquee, which is obviously Sy Snootles (thx google), the alien singer from special edition
    369 666 448
  • 1) 50R-T
    2) Wanting to try her out in the next conquest for the non-seperatist droid feat.
    3) Next unlock will be Profundity.

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