Poe... Is he good?

Has anyone around level 55 above levelled and geared him yet? Is he good?

Was thinking whether to invest in him or not.


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    I"m only lvl 54, but I have 5* Poe. Gear 6. His taunt for 2 turns is great. Pair him with single target damage dealers and attack the ones he exposes. He also self heals when he resists.

    My team is:
    5* Sid (Leader, almost 6*)
    6* Lumi
    5* Poe
    4* Maul
    4* Lando

    Keeping Maul alive is my strat. Was thinking of may putting in Tie Pilot just not sure who to sub out.
    Ally Code: 134-974-243
    Team: 4* Lando, 4* Barriss, 4* Asajj, 4* Maul, 3* Dooku
    Lvl 33
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    That's great! His high tenacity seems like a good counter against heroes like Vader.

    He seems like a good replacement for chewie who seems lackluster around 50 plus cause the taunt cool down is too Long and only lasts for 1 turn.
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    I'm replacing Chewie with him in my FTP squad once I can get him to 4 stars in a couple days. The slow cantina credit drip is a true killer and at 3 stars he can't hope to survive even one round of taunting. Need him to get into the second round to make him worthwhile. Chewie is fantastic on offense but I know he's just too awful on defense to continue upgrading.

    One thing to consider with him is that Poe requires 3 purple sets to gear up to lvl7 including 40 (!) purple laptops, 20 purple disks, and 20 purple holo projectors. Chewie requires almost as many purples to gear up to level 7 but I feel like he needs that gear more than Chewie to be really effective.
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    Poe is the biggest pain in the **** when he's on defensive teams in GW... I came up against him twice and it's just too much damage :'( I always win against him but he *really* makes me pay for it and hamstrung me pretty bad in today's GWs. Seems to me like he'd be pretty good on an AOE team.
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