EA fights cheaters or not?



  • xpgammer
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    edited February 2023
    Yes EA fights cheaters.

    Free game = a lot of cheaters

    They have a lot of work cut out for them
    Sometimes a door is just a door
  • It certainly seems like CG has been actively banning "alleged" cheaters lately, just based on the number of recent threads re: unfair ban! Then when you read their story it's like I cheated and got banned!! Lol
  • It certainly seems a shift in their approach but its not a very open or transparent approach.

    A statement should have been issued before mass banning, stating whether it was cheating or other ToS conditions (external tools) that are being looked at. I get that they cant give full details due to players looking for loopholes/workarounds but it seems they have left this forums mods in a firing line.
  • Serge
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    Ultra wrote: »
    PM with the ally codes

    So, what is next? Information about the cheater in the discord. Cheater still plays. Will he be banned or not?
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