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UNIT NAME: Leia Organa
CATEGORIES: Tank, Leader, Rebel

Key Attributes:
  • Offensive power house, able to be competitive with most GLs on Offensive
  • Enemy Role call out, all abilities do something to enemies based on role (including new icons showing you what role each enemy is)
  • Empowers Rebel allies, bringing a Galactic Legend power-level team to the Rebel Alliance
  • Leia prevents all cooldown manipulation, you’ll have no fear about not having your abilities when you expect to
  • Tank that doesn’t Taunt - drawing the aggro away from her allies. Enemies will find they need to target her (but are not forced to), this is meant to emulate how the Empire is always after her. The Fearless buff means you need to attack her to prevent her from punishing your squad back.

  • We chose the Endor Strike Team version of Leia for her Galactic Legend as this was a time where she was very active on the battlefield, as well as in honor of the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi
  • Like she is ambushing you, you can’t hide from her squad
  • She tries to level the battlefield, stopping cooldown manipulation, getting around taunt, dispel Foresight - need to face her head on.
  • Lots of R2 calls outs from her time working with the droid. Calls R2 to assist frequently. Never underestimate a droid!
  • She has synergy with Jedi Rebel Tanks, like Old Ben and Kanan, (each of whom she has interacted with in her past)

Strategy Tips:
  • Due to how tactical she is and her identity as a key target, she is better served on Offense than Defense. She can still hold some ground on Defense, but she was designed as a more Offensive GL.
  • Enemy roles can influence your decision making as well as the abilities to prioritize them. Choosing the right target with the right ability can drastically change the outcome of the battle.
    • Damage the squad receives is a big mechanic
    • A percentage of allies received damage gets converted to bonus true damage for her basic on her next turn
  • All damage Leia takes, heals her allies at the start of her turn for the damage dealt to her
  • Tactical Offensive - Your choice picking which character loses TM, which adds some complexity to the mechanic. Be sure to watch out for Stun making you miss your turn because the buff only lasts one turn. A hard-hitting unit like Captain Drogan can almost 1 shot most units in the game, but this ability has tradeoffs.
  • Leia’s squad can have a ton of out of turn attacks, between Drogan, R2 and Jedi Tanks. Leia also applies Retribution for even more attacks!
  • Keeping Call to Action up is important to generate Ultimate Charge. Can also gain Ultimate Charge from Fearless


Why did we gate Threepio and Chewie’s Unique with GL Leia’s release
Threepio and Chewie’s kit was long before the realm of Rebel GL possibilities, we've been better about pre-gating things recently (ex. Trench excluding Separatist GLs even tho there isn't one now)
No net impact to balance of the existing CLS squad

Does Ambush decrease Speed Stack beyond -50?
No, can have multiple stacks but unit will only have -50 speed

Bonus Damage and Ignore Protection on Basic from Tactical Offensive

Only applies to the first attack/instance of Damage on that character’s next turn. If your character uses their Basic twice, like Han Solo, the second instance of damage will not get these bonuses

Can Second Wind be dispelled?
Yes, it can

How does Forever Our Princess stat bonuses impact R2-D2’s Number Crunch
Forever Our Princess stats are applied to R2 before R2’s Number Crunch triggers

How will I know what the enemy’s role is?
New Role Icons - On her turn, enemies will have a role icon for better understanding of how her abilities will impact the battle

Why are there some non-Rebel Scoundrel callouts?
While a fun nod to her banter with Han, it also helps us keep the CLS squad intact and tune around units without making Han and Chewie spin way too high up.

Why is there Call to Action synergy if CLS isn’t intended to be on the ideal squad?
We liked the idea of expanding that buff to more Rebels and using it in other ways. Call to Action aligns with the type of leader Leia was for the Rebel Alliance. She was very upfront and unafraid to dictate the battlefield and stare down the opposition. She provides it for her entire Rebel team as a rallying call to press the attack against the enemy.

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BASIC: Righteous Retribution

Final Text:
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. Rebel allies gain Retribution for 2 turns.
On her turn, deal bonus True damage to target enemy equal to 10% of the damage other Rebel allies received since her last turn and deal additional effects based on the target enemy's role:
-Attackers: Dispel all buffs on target enemy and reduce their Speed by 5 (max 200) per buff dispelled until the end of the encounter
-Healers and Supports: Dispel all debuffs on all Rebel allies, equalize Leia's Health and Protection with the weakest other Rebel ally, then recover 20% Health and Protection
-Tanks: Call all other Rebel allies to assist (limit once per turn) and reduce the target enemy's Max Health by 5% per Rebel ally until the end of the encounter

SPECIAL 1:Rebel Ambush (CD = 4)

Final Text:
Deal Physical damage plus bonus True damage equal to 10% of Leia's Max Health, remove 20% Turn Meter, and inflict a stack of Ambush on target enemy until the end of their next turn if they don't already have Ambushed, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Rebel allies gain 10% Mastery and 25% Potency (stacking) until the end of the encounter. This ability can't be evaded or resisted.
Inflict debuffs on all enemies based on their role which can't be dispelled:
-Attackers: Daze for 1 turn
-Healers and Supports: Stagger for 1 turn
-Tanks: Buff Immunity for 1 turn
Ambush: -50 Speed (max -50); gain an additional stack upon receiving damage; at 6 stacks, lose all stacks of Ambush and gain Ambushed until the end of the encounter
Ambushed: -50 Speed (max -50); Protection is disabled, immune to Protection Up and bonus Protection

SPECIAL 2:Tactical Offensive (CD = 4)

Final Text:
Dispel all debuffs and remove 100% Turn Meter from target other ally. Deal Physical damage plus bonus True damage increased by 1% per Turn Meter removed from target other ally to all enemies.
Remove Call to Action from all allies then all Rebel allies gain Call to Action for 4 turns, which can't be copied or dispelled, and 10% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter.
On their next turn, target other ally gains 50% Offense for their next ability and if it is their Basic ability they gain an additional 2% Offense for each percent of Turn Meter removed and ignore Protection for that ability. If target ally defeats an enemy during their next turn, they gain 50% Turn Meter. Target other ally gains Stealth and 150 Speed for 1 turn.
Inflict debuffs based on each enemy's role which can't be resisted:
-Attackers: Critical Chance Down and Critical Damage Down for 2 turns
-Healers and Supports: Potency Down and Tenacity Down for 2 turns
-Tanks: Defense Down and Vulnerable for 2 turns

UNIQUE 1: Forever Our Princess

Final Text:
At the start of the battle, R2-D2 gains 75% Max Health, Max Protection, Offense, and Potency until the end of the battle, Stealth for 1 turn, and assists whenever Leia uses a Special ability dealing 50% more damage. Damage R2-D2 receives is decreased by 20% and Rebel allies recover 10% Health whenever R2-D2 attacks out of turn.
If all allies are Rebels, at the start of her turn and each enemy's turn Leia gains Fearless if she didnt already have it until she receives damage, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Whenever an enemy's turn ends while Leia has Fearless, she gains 2% Max Health, all enemies lose 5% Mastery and 15% Defense and Tenacity until the end of the encounter and Leia gains 4% Ultimate Charge. While she has Fearless, at the end of each of her turns, non-Scoundrel Rebel allies gain 5% Mastery (stacking) until the end of the encounter and Leia gains 4% Ultimate Charge. Leia can't gain Fearless if she has a Taunt effect.
At the start of her turn, all other Rebel allies recover Health equal to 100% of the damage Leia received since her last turn. If their Health was already at 100%, they recover this amount in Protection instead.
Whenever a Rebel Attacker or Rebel Support ally is Dazed they gain bonus Protection (100%) for 1 turn. Whenever an enemy is Ambushed, all Rebel allies gain Foresight for 1 turn. Whenever a Jedi Rebel Tank uses an ability on their turn, Leia assists.
Fearless: All allies are immune to Expose and Fear; all allies have +50% Offense and Tenacity

UNIQUE 2: Galactic Legend (Zeta)

Final Text:
This unit takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects. They take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses) and are immune to stun effects.
This unit has +10% Max Health and Max Protection per Relic Amplifier level, and damage they receive is decreased by 30%.


Final Text:
All Rebel allies have +40 Speed. Non-Scoundrel Rebel attackers gain 25% Mastery and 50% Max Health and Max Protection. Jedi Rebel Tanks gain 100% Defense for 2 turns at the start of each encounter, Protection Up (50%) for 1 turn whenever they gain Taunt, and deal bonus True damage equal to 20% of their Max Health whenever using a Basic ability against an enemy with Protection Up.
Rebel allies take 25% reduced damage from out of turn attacks and are immune to Max Health reduction and Plague. Whenever enemies attack out of turn, non-Scoundrel Rebel allies gain 1% Mastery (stacking) until the end of the encounter. At the start of each Rebel ally's turn, dispel Foresight and Stealth from all enemies.
Whenever enemies with less than 100% Turn Meter gain bonus Turn Meter, Rebel allies gain 100% Critical Avoidance (stacking) and Empire enemies can't gain bonus Turn Meter for 1 turn. Whenever a Rebel ally has their Turn Meter reduced, they can’t have their Turn Meter reduced again for 1 turn. Whenever an enemy is revived, all Rebel allies gain 10% Turn Meter.
Enemies inflicted with Burning from a Rebel ally can't recover Health and if Burning is dispelled on an enemy they take 20% of their Max Health as damage. Whenever a Rebel ally inflicts an enemy with Burning they gain Damage Immunity for 1 turn. The first time a non-Scoundrel Rebel ally loses all of their Protection, they gain Second Wind for 3 turns, which can't be copied.
Allies and enemies are immune to cooldown manipulation.
Second Wind: The first time this character would be reduced to 1% Health, dispel this buff and recover 50% Health and Protection instead

ULTIMATE: These Are My Friends

Final Text:
Gain 4% Ultimate Charge whenever an enemy's turn or Leia's turn ends while Leia has a stack of Fearless, and 1% whenever a Rebel ally deals damage while they have Call to Action.
Deal True damage to all enemies equal to 30% of Leia's Max Health (90% against enemies who are Ambushed), remove 100% Turn Meter, inflict Ambush on all enemies for 1 turn who don't already have it and, if all allies are Rebels, Fracture all enemies until the end of Leia's next turn or she is defeated which can't be copied, dispelled, or resisted.
All Rebel allies recover 100% Health and Protection and gain Tenacity Up for 3 turns which can't be dispelled or prevented, and other Rebel allies gain 50 Speed for 2 turns. If this ability defeats an enemy, revive all defeated Rebel allies and they recover full Health and Protection, all non-Scoundrel Rebel allies gain 30% Mastery until the end of the encounter, and other Rebel allies gain an additional 50 Speed for 2 turns.
This attack can't be countered or evaded.
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