I Give Up



  • I just finished tier 2 moments ago, lost once with mods like in the vids, but much lower speed on Han. Remoded to this, 3/3. Last one I lost rolo, revived her, then lost 3p0 from dots after Vader died, revived him. The first two went about as smooth as can be.
  • Just run potency mods and some crit avoid arrows both of them..
    Start with Rolo aoe but after then use basics only..
    Focus on Vader anytime you can and you going to kill him quite fast with basics(because expose and your potency mods allowing them).
    You can use Rolo's aoe later if Vader is going to hit merciless(trying to get ab).
    And do not cleanse dots because then Vader heals himself..
    If some reason your C3PO dies, revive him immediatly..
    Like that it was 3 runs for me without losing any tickets..
  • The advice float around is hard to sort through. IMO aim for 100 for potency and tenacity. You don’t need 150 of either. Everything starts landing at about 100 and resists are helpful so the extra can go to tenacity. Put on your CA arrow with best possible speed secondaries everywhere.

    The even is too hard. I went 3/3 and it was exhilarating trying to race to unlock but I’d rather not deal with the modding and anxiety.

    IMO a complete rework to raid like battles would be great. Make incremental progress each time. Earn tickets for an attempt, do some damage pick up where you left off to beat the tier, get your shards. Then at least you make a little progress every time.
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