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Starting off fresh here, wanna get built up by Sunday though

Are you looking for a guild that can do the hardest challenge, but get sick when you see "must be top 10"? Do you want to be elite, without elitist attitude? Welcome to the Casual Elite. We will strive to be both an elite guild that crushes the hardest of challenges, but with an attitude of a father with 3 kids and a boring desk job (disclaimer, I am a 22 year old law student). I look upon this forum, and i see casual guilds that might not get the hardest challenges done, and i see uptight elitist jerkbags that want only the top .01%.

Here are the requirements:
EST preferred
lvl70+ and active daily
NO REQUIRED ARENA RANK!!! :smile: Note: I am rank 40-70 daily on one of the first shards
Ability to compete in raid tier 5 (5* and lvl 70) Obviously we hope to reach tier 7 asap
Be mature, I don't care about language, but don't be annoying and trying to bother other members

post your ally code or questions below. I will not send out ally requests at the moment, but will have them all saved to the side for sunday
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  • edit: I am a 29 year old science teacher on East coast time
  • goobstoob wrote: »
    edit: I am a 29 year old science teacher on East coast time

    and if that is what you are, you are still very warmly welcomed!
  • Sounds like the right place for me :-)
    48 year old East coast IT professional, who plays this **** addicting game every day.
    I don't spend much money on it but will buy occasional packs
    Generally stay in top 100-200 arena as I like to get the crystals and complete GW everyday

    My Ally code is 512-875-364

    My level is currently 74.5
    I have
    8 x lvl7 characters
    1 x lv9 gear
    10 x lv8 gear
    9 x lv7 gear

    I could have more but never enough credits to promote everyone so they just sit there with all their shards...lol. Currently working on getting my 7* Yoda next time it comes around. Also have a bunch of 6* characters I am working on.

    Looking forward to guilds arriving and having more options for in game activities.
  • Looking for a guild. Lvl 74 with 10 7* most lvl 8 gear . Based in Ireland bur work est. I'm very active and agree with the sentiment of this guild. Let me know :)
  • Oh and my ally code is 952-448-775
  • @sixpack72 just message me your ally code or post it here, and welcome to the guild! :)
  • Posted. And can't wait till Sunday! Cheers khorvog
  • thanks :smiley:
  • Hi all! Level 75, first place last four days, at least top five for last three weeks. Ally code is: 968-889-711, also named Manums Jaywalker. My friend is also interested; he just restarted after switching platforms and is only level 60, but he also places first on his shard and was first on his last shard too, ally code 392-782-791, name Crusto Jobseeker.
  • scootle
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    Does anyone know how timezones play into the guild stuff? If it's not truly real-time, I am PDT (UTC-7/8) and my brother is way over on UTC+7. I think we'd fit your bill though... as filthy casuals who have played since launch and chase that ever-elusive meta...

    We definitely play daily, which seems to be the critical factor for guild performance, with the typical 100 and 50/50 daily spend on cantina/regular refreshes. Even though people say it doesn't matter, I float top 50 on my ladder and my bro tends to run top 10-20 on his. ;)

    Here's my resume (top row is 7* except for old hag Daka) at Player L74 (3.5k/9.9k). Poggle is Gear IX now, the rest are VIII until I can farm my @$^!!#@#@ off for those 50x items... :D
    full-size: http://i.imgur.com/ZgPxIVn.png

    I'll coordinate with my bro later, since I think he's probably piling ZZZzzzzZZzzz's right now. ;)

    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • Hey all. Am definitely liking this guild I'm cst though if that's a problem I understand. I'm level 75 almost76 with 11 7* toons and over 25 with gear at least level 7 and higher. Finish top 100 in arena. My ally code is 374-833-618. Name ram seyer
  • @ManumsJaywalker @Ramseyer_24 welcome to the guild :smile:
    @scootle, i dont know if the time matters, but i assume its just within a 24 hour period, so up to you, if you decide so just post your ally code

    manumsjaywalker, thats fine for your friend, because ill probably bring along my lvl 40 girlfriend
  • This sounds like a perfect place.

    I'm a 27 year old Tech engineer at American Express.

    Lvl 74 1/2, consistent top 100 in arena and I'm passionate about the end game content in this game. I've been in a lot of hardcore WoW raiding guilds in the past but the end goal always seemed to get in the way of the most important part of all of it, having a good time.

    With Galaxy, it's the perfect game because of the depth but mostly because I'm obsessed with Star Wars. I'm just looking for a place with other knowledgable players that love Star Wars and want to clear and see the end game content. Excited to participate in guild raids, sounds epic.

    Based on my collection I can do tier 5 as well (until we all hit 80!) Working on 7* Yoda when it's back at the moment.

    Ally code.

    Appreciate the consideration.
  • 128-313-816
    This sounds exactly like the sentiment of a guild I want to join. I am MST so I hope that's not a problem. Launch day player that plays daily. Lvl 74.
  • Sounds like a good guild for me. I play several times a day, level 74, finish all dailys, and complete GW.

    Ally code: 867-841-738
  • Definitely like the mantra of Casual Elite!
    Ally code: 891-255-626

    lvl 75 tomorrow
    I have 14 7*, waiting for yoda challenge, <30shards left for HK-47,Finn, Rey to be 7*, all gear lvl 8+

    I am Pacific time zone, and pretty active, hope this still works out.

    Love this game!
  • Hi! I am certainly interested. I'm not as advanced as some others, but I am dedicated. I play obsessively every day.

    Ally Code: 354-825-236

    I'm level 71, 3x 7*, 3x 6*, will have another two to 7* within about a week and a half. Small spender. Looking for a mature guild (I'm in my mid 30's). MST. I know it doesn't matter, but usually in 50-100 arena rank on my shard.
  • Neo2551
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    Hi everyone!

    The spirit of the guild seems really cool! I am a mathematician from Switzerland. I play all the dailies and the GW and I am an FTP.

    Ally code: 766-255-114

    I have 3 7*, 6 6* (Yoda takes time), 5 at Gear 8 and Yoda at 9. I usually finish top 50 (with a peeks at Top 20), finished 54 GW (took a while before I could finish them). If it can help the guild, I have a Chewie 7* with G8 (I know it is useless in Arena but might be good for the raids). I am level 74.

    Hope the description can convince you I can be a good member of your guild.
  • Savio
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    Ally code 385-417-647

    Sounds like just the kind of guild i'm after. I love playing the game, but it is just a game.

    For what it's worth : Top 10 arena with 9 7* gear 8 and 9 characters. Several more in the pipeline. Level 74.
  • Ally Code: 755-973-572
    Player Level 74 - 50+ Character - 20+ 5* or above Characters w/ Protection

    I wasn't making 7* a priority until I heard about the Raids but I should have 5 ready to go by Sunday. I'm a EST and complete the dailies 99% percent of the time.
  • The guild ethos appeals to me.
    Ally code 573-713-499
    Level 75 daily player, finishes daily challenges etc
    19 7* characters (started beginning Dec)
    Would like to be a part of this guild if you will have me :smile:
  • Hey man i was checking the tiers I'm think I can handle tier 6 this guild is perfect to me it seems to me that you got a nice project. Actually I'm level 74 2 7* toons and 5 6* all gear 8 and 1 gear 9. My best toon is Asajj Ventress and Lumi.
    I log in everyday and I would like to join please. Here's my ally code 998-439-859
  • @Kromulis @DarthMufasaDoom welcome to the guild! :smile:

    Thanks, I run an alt account too if interested. I'm level 69 on that one, almost 70.

    ally code: 517-644-246
  • Chi
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    Hey Man,
    Young Professional Casual Gamer here with 3 real life buddies that need a chill guild. Eastern time zone All level 73 and above. Let me know if u will have room for 4 people. My ally code is 185-992-226
    Will get the others ally codes if you have room for us.
  • Sounds like my kind of guild. I'm on a hard lauch server 100% FTP. Ally code 197 141 238. Lvl 74 have 14 toons 7* and Max gear. Finish gw every day. Top 20 arena every day.
  • MasterSplinter
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    Hey man this seems just like the guild for me! I also think that I am ready for tier 6 challenges. I started playing in the middle of Februry so it has been about two months now and i have 5 toons with 7 stars and max gear. I even have "super max gear" for luminara and daka as I created gear parts for them before the cap increase update that you cannot make right now.

    I am level 74 and I play everyday. I finish anywhere from 10-35 in my arena every day. I also am building up a few more 7 star characters right now (I was just trying to collect as many characters as I could before guilds, but now I am trying to make the ones I have even better)

    my ally code is: 198-748-432

    EDIT: im also a 22 year old psych student if that helps ;)
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