[CE] Casual Elite (50/50) FULL



  • For everyone who wants, I created a LINE ID, Conquers93. Send me a friend request and ill add you to the group chat
  • I'm looking to join along with two of my friends - all lvl 74 and competitive in the arena, daily players with multiple refreshes. Can you add us on the wait list? Thanks!
  • Here is a link to the LINE group, click it on your phone to join! http://line.me/ti/g/igjIvCXS6h
  • Lvl 74
    12 7*
    14 gr 8
    Ally code 212-588-475

    Play every day
    Looking forward to some casual crushing of content
  • I would love to join! Casual Elite is a title that fits me perfectly. I'll play everyday to get the daily activities and I've even spent a dollar or two here and there to get that extra rank I wanted, but, I never loose my cool since it's simply a game.

    I'm on PST so a few hours behind you but I'm a normal guy who has a life. 22 and married, going to school and work full time.

    I'm at lvl 74 right now, nearly 75. I have 7 7* characters; fives, savage, dooku, lumi, phasma, Ren, Sid. a 6* ventress and several 5*. I have 50 toons, 25 are purple geared.

    My arena team is 7* dooku at gear 8, fives at gear 9, nearly 10, and gear 8 savage, phasma and Ren which normally gets me at 15 and up. My highest was rank 4.

    Again, I'm a chill player who will respect others but still get plenty competitive.
  • My line id is Ramseyer24 by the way
  • ALotCoolerIfUDid
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    like to be added to wait list....

    X'lor Bintaghr (plan on changing name)

    11 7* chars all at Gear 8. 12 5-6* chars at gear 7. Mostly F2P but get 21 day crystal packs to get a few refreshes a day. Play daily and do all activities...usually get to under 100 in arena (not by much).

    Player level 74...been on since december.
  • Hi! I am starting to think, I won't find guild in time.. I have husband, kids, great fan of SW and playing more than I should since early december... Please, add me to the wait list..

    Niri Tarkona, 518-247-143,
    today will be lvl 74, I have 8 characters 7*, 2 - 6*, 9 characters gear lvl VIII, other 12 characters gear lvl VII, 97 GW wins, 462 Arena wins with best rank 8, usually in top 20 or 50
    GMT +2 / CEST (Czech Rep.)
  • Hope you might be interested in my app

    1. 100% F2P
    2. In-game player name: Pandawan
    3. Ally Code: 442-619-263
    4. Your time zone / payout time: US pacific time
    5. Player level: 74
    6. Days per week you are active: 7, multiple times a day
    7. Number of 7* toons: 6 soon to be 8
    8. Current arena Lineup (optional): Dooku, Phasma, Lumi, Sid, Daka
    9. Current arena rank (optional): 73 at time of posting (my shard is tough!)

    I finish all objectives daily and complete gw most of the time. I log in multiples times daily and am looking forward to joining!
  • Hi folks,
    I am late, I know. Thanks to Yandros: I would like to be added to the wait list ;) :

    Lvl74, In-game player name is SmucumS, not every time f2p, but hunting every day with all daily objectives and gw. I am ranking between 200 and 50. My Ally Code is 468-126-532..., I have 7 7* chars and at lvl9, tomorrow 9 toons on 7*.

    It would be great to join this guild soon. :)

    Thanx for your audience *g*
  • BansheePD
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    Interested in joining if any spots open up. Level 74 now with 13 7* Characters. 16 characters at some stage of gear level VIII.

    Complete all daily activities and can finish galactic war every day. Usually with my primary team all the way through (Daka, Lumi, RG, QGJ and Barriss Lead).

    Have played competitively on other mobile games and looking forward to the raids starting up. Used to cooridinating stuff on Line or similar apps if you are going to use them.

    In my 40's and have been a Star Wars fan since the original movies came out. It's cool now to watch Clone Wars, Rebels and TFA with my kids.

    Hope a spot opens up for me. I'd love to join the group.

    Ally code: 772-914-698
    In Game: Arrish Denasi
  • scootle
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    That thread was closed, but I'll explore with Khorvog if we still want to pursue a second group based on the waitlist so that we can grab up everyone with the same mindset as CE into a "sister guild" even if it's not supported officially. Depends how far/deep the waitlist is at this point, honestly... if it's a fair ways into a second 50, this might be a good idea to pursue further.

    Will update with more info once we get squared away.

    PS it just occurred to me we could be the PDT west coast affiliate, if timezones actually matter for guild actions... not too clear on that yet.

    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • scootle
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    All who are still tracking this thread... we are going to go ahead and create the "EC" affiliate. For now, recruitment thread on reddit here for those who prefer that platform:


    I'll mirror it over here to the official forum in a separate thread later tonight when I've got more time.

    In the meanwhile, if you are waitlisted for [CE] and would like to just join [EC] instead, please send or post your in-game name and ally code. Thanks!

    CC: @Khorvog_Karbossa kudos to you!
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • scootle
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    OK... please reply/follow this parallel thread if you are interested in going the offshoot [EC] path:



    Please chime in if anyone else is missing... not sure I tracked this thread (and the deleted one) completely, but will check again shortly.
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • It's not letting me join says to many pending applications. And when I click accept to the invite it says error anyone else have that
  • The same issue is occurring with many of the guild members
    I cannot get on due to error code 3

    For quickest updates on the guild, please join the LINE group, which has a link above
  • I'd like to join. 45 year old married software developer here. Have a pretty good droid team with a nearly maxed out level 74 Daka. I'm slowly working on the other night sisters.

    Ally code: 438-598-259

  • @tokov sorry but the guild is currently full, and there is already a bunch of backups, so at this time we are not taking anyone else onto the waitlist.
    best of luck
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