SöD still recruiting

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Come join a competitive guild!
Min requirements
Lvl 70
5 7* characters
Be active and finish all daily activities /GW/squad arena
And contribute to our guild


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    If you are still taking members I would love an invite. I am F2P, but still have a rather solid team.
  • VIII
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    @Death_Adder I can't invite you be cuz your in a guild
  • Daaaaarp
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    Active F2P player from Feb 2016. I have 8x7* (gear VIII) and finishing 3 more very soon. Getting Yoda 7* on next event. Ally code 686-512-527. Will leave my guild if you have spot for me. LVL 75 atm. Finishing arena 50-200
  • Death_Adder
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    Sorry, that message wasn't very clear, I was rushing getting my boy on the bus and getting off to work. What I was trying to say was: look at my lineup and see if I'd be a good fit for your guild. I was in my buddy's guild just to see what it was about, but they aren't very active. If you still have a spot open, I would like an invite if I'd be a good fit.
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