Raid Contribution Balancing

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edited April 2016
It seems that it's easier to score more damage (and thus points) in a Raid against the Guards rather than the Rancor. Thus the guild members who went first have an advantage over other guild members who went later, because they will be able to do greater damage against the Guards, whereas the later players will only be able to fight the Rancor. This translates to an advantage in the Raid payouts.

I suggest rebalancing the points based on difficulty of opponent.


  • Hamnier
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    I think that players should just get credit for participating in general, but better rewards (or only) if the level is eventually defeated. This would eliminate players racing to fight first or holding back to fight later based on their reward, and will encourage more cooperation to get the job done as efficiently as possible.
  • EA really screwed up what could have been an awesome feature. Way to go.
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