After 31 raids I can craft ONE piece of gear...!!!

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See title. We've done 31 raids, 20+ of those have been Tier 6. I always place mid-pack because of the terrible reset time issue (4am for me) and get bumped down by players who go twice.

So 31 raids, almost all Tier 6, place in the 15-20 range each raid - and I only now have enough salvage gear to craft a furnace. One. Furnace. Period.

I have salvage Mk5 callers (never seen ONE in shipments, Zero!). I have salvage discs, I have salvage scanners, all raid only gear. I dont have enough of any to craft the complete piece.

What do we all get in our guild most days? Challenge gear! Seriously?!? Just today, I finished 13th in Tier 6. I got 10 Carbanti sensors. The ones we get free with Challenges several times a week and is easily farmed. I also got 5 discs that I need for Rey but I still need 17 more to actually make something.

Meanwhile gear was supposed to show up in Shipments. So far it has been 99% farmable gear. Since it started I have seen 2 furnaces and just bought one since I thought raids were supposed to fix things. Silly me. Not once since. No callers, no anything that cant be farmed and most of it is total junk. Mk5 laptops? Ya, I have 615 of those at last count. Mk4 droid callers? Ditto.

Give me a furnace or a Mk5 and I give you crystals. I've never seen a situation where you have to beg a company to pay them money!!


  • If you haven't done heroics, you haven't done any raids.

    The gap in rewards is huge. I've done near 30 heroics, never placed in the top 10, and have 15+ pieces.
  • Long story short - Raid T7.
    Its not harder than T6 & there's a horde of vultures around these forums ready to jump in if you should end up abit short.
    More than anything coordinate who & how many hits P1 (Should only be people with a dispeller i.e. Ewok Elder, Rex or Ackbar).
    If you have 1 good squad each & 5-10 chars to throw at P4 you will be fine.

    Don't expect endgame loot from not-endgame content I suppose. Gear progress is fine at T7, even for people finishing in the buttom tier.
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    My Guild is conservative. We can run Heroic (we think) as we can easily clear Tier 6 in a day plus about an hour after refresh time. It is a laid back Guild and we have some members who have yet to hit 80 (they're level 78 and 79) and only have a couple 7* toons. We also have mini whales with 25+ maxed toons that place 1st in Arena daily.

    Heroic is coming in a week or two but what about all those that cant run Heroic? Tier 6 should give you something after pounding on that raid for a day!
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    I know everyone can't do heroics, but there are guilds that do who accept basically anyone since heroic raids are quickly finished. They just want someone to help with dailies.

    The minimum raid salvage for heroic is 15. Mid range gets 25, and top 10 gets 40 pieces.
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    Well I guess I need to patient or need to switch. I like this group but the leaders are anti-merc helper. We're all getting a little frustrated though, even the lower level guys. We've been the same group since the raids have started except for two guys that left for other reasons.
  • If you can finish heroics (and it sounds like you can with coordination), there is no reason to hold off. The rewards are much much much better.
  • Top 10 in heroic guarantees 40 salvages or 1 full piece of Raid gear every raid. So nearly one piece every raid. Unfortunately, all I ever get are furnaces and callers and never see scanners.
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    That can't be all there is to the story. When I put my first Droid caller in place, I was also 90% of the way to two other Raid gear ups. Within a week I had STH Gear 10, Ewok Elder G9 and Teebo Gear 10. Is that all you received was one furnace?

    But hey, congratulations. Once you add that first piece of gear, the second and third will likely come quickly..depending on the toons of course. It's very addicting to get that exclusive gear. If it were easy, it wouldn't be as much fun...although it doesn't sound like you're having any of that either. I hope your experience improves.
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    We finished our first heroic yesterday. Let's just say middle of the pack rewards for T7 are WAY better than middle of the pack rewards for T6.
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • pac0naut wrote: »
    We finished our first heroic yesterday. Let's just say middle of the pack rewards for T7 are WAY better than middle of the pack rewards for T6.

    Getting dead last in heroic is better than 4th in T6. Probably better than even winning T6.
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    OP, count how many 7* chars there are and how many 7* squads each has, and then divide some for p1/2/3/4.

    If you dont clear, get help from mercs. The rewards will snowball.

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    You could just use all the coins you get from the raids and buy the gear you need from the guild store...
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    Interesting, you've done more raids than me and I was able to make two pieces of gear before we started heroics last week. I was able to make 1 Furnace and 1 Scanner being ranked 25 - 38. I'm assuming you focus more on character shards rather than gear... I use my currency to buy only Rey shards and save up for gear pieces.
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    I did save until I realized how long that would take so I take blame for not saving longer. I ended up getting Rey and Elder to 7* and am now saving again (EE actually needs a couple more).

    I just think the drop rates are quite horrible. Challenge gear shouldnt even be in rewards, especially for Tier 6.
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