Arena spot squatting



  • DarthMasterShawn
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    I have several in my guild on my shard, various payouts. 2 others on mine. Another guild leader is in the payout too. We set up a 4 way share rotation the 4 of use lock each other up rotating the top 4 spots. I have other guildmates on different payouts on the shard, as does he. They help us in ours at times, we help them in theirs. Saves a lot of crystals this way.

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    6pm pst payout time. Sat at #2 for 15 mins, then took #1 with under a min left. Payout for #1. If 2 guys are locking 1st and 2nd, it's not during my payout.

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    Time to ruin the arena....You guys are impossible!
  • Bow down and Abandon All Hope
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    What kinds of teams are you guys running? For me and my shard. If they see me on spot #1 and it's near payout most give up and I use my phone. Mostly cause of what I do and what I use. Lol there is more than one way to lock out on spot #1. I did it alone for 20 minutes before payout cause ppl were doing this. So I held for 20-30minutes without issues.
  • But again I only used this method after they got me mad by locking me out like they did to you guys so I locked them out alone 4-5 days in a row. Lol
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