Game Update - 7/15/2016


We are making some changes to the game, and wanted to inform you of what we’re changing and why.

We whole-heartedly believe in the introduction of Mods as the fifth progression system for Characters. It enables strategic customization in a way that wasn’t available previously. By opening this avenue of progression, it enables players to double-down on their Characters’ strengths or improving upon their weaknesses.

With that said, we have reevaluated the amount of benefit provided to a Character from the Mod system. As originally launched, Mods were dramatically increasing stats and threatening to upset the balance of the rest of the game.

We listened to your feedback, made some rapid adjustments, tested it to ensure the coherency of the system within the overall game, and are relaunching a new mod system. We are excited to bring you this new approach as the next step in our on-going efforts to improve the game.

When this update goes live, the following changes will immediately take effect:
  • All Mods will see a statistical reduction with the new target being that an entire set of Mods will provide a portion of a Character’s overall power that has great impact without outclassing other progression methods. This change affects both the stats on the Mod itself as well as the Set and Max Set benefits. The next point further solidifies this.
  • Mod primary stats will no longer have an option to have flat values Offense, Defense, Health, or Protection as a Primary Stat. All preexisting Mods that had these assigned will be automatically converted over to their percentage-based counterpart. The impact of a Mod is now tied directly to how far a Character has progressed in level, rarity, gear, and ability.
  • Mod Battles and Mod Challenges have been updated to account for the balance changes.
  • There were also some 6* and 7* mods released via rewards from completing the Rancor Raid. We are removing those from the Rancor Raid, lowering the rarity of the 6* and 7* mods acquired down to a high powered equivalent of a 5*, and are working on new ways for players to earn those items.

Another, very important, item of note for Mods:
  • Percentage-based stats ONLY affect those gained through other progression means (Character Star Rarity, Levels, and Gear). They do not affect any stats gained through the Mod feature (meaning they do not compound with themselves).

Lastly, there have been questions relating to changes to Tenacity and Potency. Here is what was in the notes from Tuesday:

Misc. Changes
  • Potency and Tenacity have been normalized to exist between 0% and 100% when obtained through Gear. This was done to provide both a more readable number for comparison’s sake and also for balance reasons associated with Mods. Both of these values may exceed 100% through the usage of Mods and the comparison itself remains unchanged at this time.

We did find that part of the Rancor Raid had not been adjusted to account for this change, and that is now fixed in this release.

Even more lastly, we have also included a fix to Foresight being incorrectly counteracted by the Accuracy stat.

We have been working and play-testing around the clock to bring you this update. As always, first and foremost - we want to ensure a fun, competitive, and lasting experience. We will continue to monitor and make incremental adjustments as and if they are deemed necessary, but in the event that needs to occur, you will be informed.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Capital Games
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