Bounty Hunting - New Daily Challenge Suggestion to Address the Credit Shortage

In the last few months we've seen the level cap increase twice, with raids and affiliation specific events we've found that we need more than just an A-Team and B-Team, and most recently we were introduced to mods. All of this and no optimal way to farm credits has lead to increasing complaints about a credit shortage. I understand they serve as a rein in a game like this but with all the ways to spend it’s time for a new way to earn.

Suggestion, a new daily challenge/event.

You tap on Challenges and see the usual rotating two challenges but also a third which reads WANTED. Enter to find a grid of portraits with a bounty underneath each, four tall and three wide. Selecting one takes you to a squad select screen, limited characters are selectable similar to early versions of omega mat challenges. Fill one slot to get the full reward, two for half, and three for a measly third. Leader abilities do not apply in this game mode.

The difficulties and rewards vary by row; I came up with something like
  1. Lvl. 75, 6-Star, Gear IX
  2. Lvl. 50, 5-Star, Gear VII
  3. Lvl. 35, 4-Star, Gear V
  4. Lvl. 20, 3-Star, Gear III
With randomly generated bounties in the ranges of
  1. 80-100k
  2. 60-75k
  3. 40-50k
  4. 20-25k
The playable characters would be bounty hunters (hand selected by Devs rather than designated by in game "affiliation"). These are Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Dengar, Greedo, IG-88, and Zam Wesell, currently. Battles would be short but challenging with bounties retreating to another stage to regain health; this could happen 2 or 3 times as health is depleted and would simulate a "chase" aspect.

Each of the daily 12 bounties can only be claimed once but may be attempted 3 times per day. These attempts are not limited by energy nor can they be bought with sim tickets. Each day the bounties will refresh whether or not they were claimed and cannot be refreshed prior to the daily reset.

I think something like this would add a fun and new way to earn credits. The one on one aspect and enemy retreat are not yet found in the game and the limited requirements and limited daily earning keeps it fair for F2P and P2P alike. If you agree, please leave a comment and keep this thread alive.
314-187-745 || Event Suggestions | Bounty Hunting || #JuhaniNextJune #PadméPlease


  • An extension of this could be bounties marked Dead or Alive.
    This could be an added column, or a random weekday or weekend alternative wherein "assassins" such as HK-47 and Asajj would be added to the usable heroes.
    This would open up the challenge to players who don't yet have bounty hunters but want to try the challenge. The catch would be a reduction in rewards.
    314-187-745 || Event Suggestions | Bounty Hunting || #JuhaniNextJune #PadméPlease
  • Now that there is a Bounty Hunter affiliation this makes even more sense. There is still a credit shortage so I still hope we get something like this.
    314-187-745 || Event Suggestions | Bounty Hunting || #JuhaniNextJune #PadméPlease
  • Love it man! EA, please hire this guy!
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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