Constructive Mod System Feedback - How to increase customer In-game time and satisfaction

There are 3 main problems with the mod system:

1. Ease of user interface
2. Lack of customization/ memory
3. Monetization of mod removal system

With some changes the developers could enjoy an uptick in user in game time (while not straight monetization for devs its an important metric) and increase user/ client satisfaction.

Issue 1 - clunky UI design.
a. We need a "remove all" mods button on the character interface. It is such a pain to remove the mods and click all the "are you sure?" back up bottons its just unwieldly. It takes 13 clicks to remove the mods from one character. If you are switching off a team of 5 that is 65 clicks. Its clumsy and a PITA.
b. We need a "remove all" mods button for ALL characters.
c. Give us a "change to" button to move a set of mods from one character to the next.

Issue 2 - lack of customization/ memory
a. Let us name the mods. "reykiller 202a" "johns favmod1" "teebolovesthismod". Whatever. Half the time I dont bother with mod removal because I am certain I either cant replicate where the current mods are or I wont be bothered with the time it takes.
b. Let us save a set of mods to a character. Would you like to save set? Yes! Give us 3 sets to save to each character or something.

3. Cost of mod removal - to me this is the least important of the 3. The cost is trivial really and Im not sure how the devs would even translate this revenue to bottomline but it does 2 things:
a. It prevents players from tinkering with mods and trying new things because they dont want to waste the coins
b. It leaves a bad taste in ones mouth - its like being nickel and dimed by a contractor - it just feels cheap. Find some other way to extract credits but stifling player creativity shouldnt be one of the ways. Really I would take 50k less GW daily to make mod removal free.

If they could address these issues it would increase player satisfaction and also increase their in game metrics because players would experiment/ tinker/ fuss alot more with mod placements.


  • There are 3 main problems with the mod system:

    b. Let us save a set of mods to a character. Would you like to save set? Yes! Give us 3 sets to save to each character or something.

    This is badly needed when going from PVP or GW to raids. Meaning switching from crits to potency. This has come up in our guild a number of times. People are wasting tons of time doing it 1 by 1.

  • Good suggestions.

    "Name Mods": While I agree on this would be very practical, it's really symptomatic that Mods have just become too centric to this game. It's become SW Galaxy of Mods.

    On the same topic, in Arena / Tournament, change the opponent selection squad to show the Mods of each squad, which have become the main threat factor of a squad. Much more than the toons, it's their Mods who will dictate whether I will win or lose that battle. In order of importance: Mods > Toons > Power rating, and that screen shows Power rating > Toons > Mods (buried into clicks and waits).
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  • I think these are all great ideas. Especially the saving of sets to specific toons.
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  • remove all mods: would be very helpful
    sets: would be great
    naming mods: i don't see how this would ease management, as you probably end up with dozen of named mods which is in turn as confusing as it is now

    new suggestions: be able to list ALL mods (i.e. equipped and not equipped mods) and have the possibility to directly assign a mod equipped by another hero directly (or exchange this mod with the one equipped by the curent char and have the option to exchange all mods at once)
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