Mobs 8 levs below me crushing me

My level 40, all 4 Star characters cannot beat your level 32 Sandtroopers Scouts because they have a grenade AOE with a one turn cool down.

This is fùcking bullshìt. Mobs my level should be a challenge, 8 levels below me with 4* characters should not be dying in one round with heals.

Fix your shìt or watch me challenge my bank on any funds paid.


  • I managed to beat them. Wasn't easy but I managed. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. Perhaps you should leave the game it does get more difficult.
  • What did you use?
  • Never have I played a game where character levels meant virtually nothing like this piece of broken shìt.
  • Yep. Mission 4L on light side and 4G on dark side gave me so much difficulty due to 6 enemies spamming AOE attacks. I'm level 39 and they are level 30/31. I'm hoping this is a bug that will be fixed because the game was a fun fairly easy grind until these missions that had me stopped for nearly a week. If the game is going to be this hard after this (like needing level 50s to beat mid 30s) then they are going to lose a lot of players plain and simple.
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    It's rumored that this is fixed on their end, and will be out to us in next week's update. :)
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  • Yeah "rumored" and "next week" doesn't fix it. I may end up challenging the charges this weekend.
  • jesus **** these **** retards at EA do not know how to **** test this **** do they
  • this **** piece of **** is literally going to make me never want to play EA games again, cancel my SWTOR subscription (which I **** beta tested no less) and never buy their **** games first hand and only get second hand sales so they don't get any more money.
  • So was finally able to beat this round. Trick was borrowing Old Ben because of his ability block spell. If you can survive first two round you'll make it to 3 and most likely pass. Used 2 healers with Old Ben at lev 39.
  • Was this fixed in the update last night? I'm coming up on those missions.
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  • If you have all 4 stars just borrow Old Ben and if you have 1-2 healers you should make it. I only had 4 star Chewie and 2 Consular, 3 star Jawa, 2 star resistance fighter, and 1 star clone sergeant which was really helpful because it reduced their fast turn meters by 30 percent with suppressive fire.
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