Game Update - 10/27/2016

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Here are the update notes for 10/27
  • New ROGUE ONE Character for November’s Daily Log In: BISTAN!
  • Bistan is a wild Rebel attacker who utilizes a brand new buff, Frenzy, allowing him to gain 100% Turn Meter whenever an ally uses a Special ability (Frenzy's duration can be increased by upgrading the ability). An able gunner, Bistan, is able to utilize “Gunner Tactics” to both deal damage and remove Turn Meter from his target. By utilizing his abilities, Bistan is able to provide sustained bursts of damage while delaying his enemies.
  • And as an added bonus, we will be running a daily ROGUE ONE: BISTAN event for the month of November that allows players to collect additional Bistan character shards. If you log in every day, you can unlock Bistan early and increase his star level by the end of the month!
  • Omega Battles are returning every Saturday in November! Log in every Saturday in November and earn rare Ability Material Omega pieces!
  • Additionally, there will be 2 new packs launched with specific Omega events, a Clones/Droids daily pack and Sith/Nightsister daily pack. Keep a look out for their debut!
  • Scarif Rebel Pathfinder has been added to Cantina 1D

Improvements to Squad Tournaments
  • Another Squad Tournament is around the corner, so we want to let you know about a few improvements we made.
    • We fixed the bug causing the character refresh to occur at the wrong time
    • To mitigate an unintended behavior, the defensive squad can only be set once per Tournament and matchmaking has been improved.
    • We changed the cost of refreshing characters from Crystals to Ally Points to create a more inclusive experience
  • There will be a 5000 Ally Point gift to get you started!

  • Scarif Rebel Pathfinder: Heal from "Do or Die" will no longer fail if the unit is defeated with Healing Immunity and/or Shock present

Edit: Fixes for the Raid issues are being implemented. You many find more information here:
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