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  • Hogo
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    Guild name: 'Game of Clones'
    We are looking for few new mates to let us grow.
    Players mostly from EU/US
    We are typical F2P guild so no pushing. We are mostly interested in friendly and smart players, which would like to be part of a strong and low pressure active team, surrounded by helpful and supportive star mates. Everyone will be carefully considered, regardless of the current level, roster depth or arena rank.
    We made Rancor T7 raid 3 times a week on TUES/SAT/SUN (best participation on weekend so our choice is to made as much as we can on weekend).
    AAT normal - first finished, second just started.
    Rancor opened till 4:50pm GMT today.
    Next start 7pm GMT today and tomorrow
    For any questions and additional information just let me know directly by PM or Line. Everyone will be replied.
    2 spots opened

    Best Regards
    Lin ID: hogo102
  • Dead Man Ewoking, a T7 guild full of fun active people from all over the world is looking to recruit some active players who love this game as much as we do.

    We run an active chat in Kik and have a forum for members that is chock full of useful information. We currently have 3 slots available. If you are interested in joining one of the most inclusive, well structured, and friendly guilds in the game, shoot me a pm and we will talk.

    Here are some more details on our guild:

    We have low turnover. Our openings are (unfortunately) the result of some members who have gotten frustrated with the game and stopped playing. We accommodate the fact that people have lives, and do things like take days off or vacation -- we won't boot you or inflict a raid penalty for taking a day off.

    We run T7 Rancor raids at least 3x a week. We do a 24 hour registration window, where you can send one toon (and yes, you can do damage) to get on the board and ensure rewards. At the end of those windows, it's free-for-all. Our raid times are 11 am and 5 pm EST -- we alternate between the two.

    We are running normal tank raids at the moment, but we are gearing up toward heroic and hope to be there soon.

    Our activity reset time is 10:30 pm EDT.

    There is no requirement that you place in the top 10 of your arena shard, have a 90% collection score, or make sacrifices to RNGesus (though given drop rates for stun cuffs, that might not hurt....). We do require that you join the kik chat, and that you are an active player.

    Any questions? Interested? Let us know!
  • Greenmojo
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    Good evening.
    I am an officer in BPC.

    We are on 50/50 but have a guy who is not very active so need a replacement
    We raid T7 Rancor 3-4 times a week and we kill T6 Tank Takedown in 1 week the first kill and our second kill is 1 day faster when we kill it at tonights reset
    T7 Tank we will first be looking into at the end of this month.

    We are an EU guild but have lots of Americans
    GMT +1

    We have 4 rules
    1. Line app for communication, posting raids and helping each other with improving
    2. 600/600 coins/tickets a day
    3. 1 x char attack the first 24 hours on Rancor raids, so all can receive loot
    4. attack the Tank raid every day

    If you can say yes to the above 4 rules we would be happy to have you join us and help us progress in the new raid
  • Maegor
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    Hogtown Heroes are recruiting!

    We are a Heroic Rancor Raid guild looking for everyday players that have a well rounded roster capable of helping beat the AAT raid.

    We were started by a group of friends, and have a stable roster of everyday players. We are looking for players that can be on everyday, who enjoy a friendly group atmosphere, and who want to build their roster.

    Our members actively discuss raid comps, arena comps, how to 3* battles, and help each other gear their heroes through donations.

    We run T7 rancor raids 3-4 times per week. Currently, we have a 0 damage for the first 24 hours rule so all members can get on the board for prizes. After 24 hours, then it is a free for all after a guild officer gives the go signal.

    We are also running our second Normal mode AAT raids on a FFA format.

    We have members from throughout the world. Our reset time occurs at 7:30 PM EST. We do not require any 3rd party apps. Although we do have a Discord channel that some of our members use, which we highly encourage new members to join.

    If this sounds like a guild that you could call home, please message me on here and I can answer any questions you have.

    Thank you and good luck,

    Discord ID: Maegor#0568
  • TufaRazz
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    Guild: Maximum Resistance (46/50)

    We are a friendly casual guild but also strong and looking for 4 more active players. We have a handful of very strong rosters and most members play every day. This is an original guild that has been together from time of release of guilds. We clear T7 Rancor and T6 Tank raid. We would prefer strength of personality over strength of roster. If you have both then you found the right guild!

    -time zone: Central US (we rotate our raid start times to give everyone a chance to raid at times that fit their schedule.)

    -short version of rules: T6 tank raid has no rules at this time. T7 Rancor has a rotating start time being adjusted ahead by 6 hours every raid. (Midnight, 6AM, Noon, 6PM...) We have a zero damage rule for the first 24 hours of the raid clock. (We do this for the benefit of all our members to ensure loot for all and strictly enforce to keep us fair and honest) After the 24 hour it is a free for all to kill as fast as you want.

    -third party chat apps you use: LINE (optional)

    -which tier of The Pit raid you are currently raiding: T7 Pit, T6 tank

    Tufa Razz 285-199-364

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  • J0K3R
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    Guild of Clones... watch the spamming
    May the force be with you. It shall free you.
  • 3720 to 1 recruiting!

    We are a 48/50 t7 rancor guild looking for 2 new members.
    We do min 3 t7 rancor raids per week and complete tank raid normal in 4 days... developping our rosters to take on heroic tank in a few weeks.

    Our rules:
    - 600 daily - we measure weekly average, we understand there is a life outside of EA and are understanding if you inform in advance... otherwise we expect the 600 daily
    - Follow raid rules... which are simple
    - Use Line app for communication and announcements

    Raids are at 6:20pm london time, 1 attack only in the first 12 hours then ffa if there is any rancor left... (usually not)

    We are open to receiving players not yet at lvl 80 if they are active daily and committed to grow their rosters to take on heroic tank raid. Most important for us is that you are a team player. We will get kenobi as a team!

    Send us a message and add us as ally
    Vega: 998-343-338
    Startomsto: 141-669-831
  • Quim
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  • 14958480_10154085122033716_1981409841_n_zps8zdbkcwz.jpg

    Outcast (43/50)
    Guild Leader: Catharsis (515-275-534)
    Guild Officer: Anathien (852-756-318)
    Time Zone: Europe - Turkey (GMT + 3)

    Raid Start time 6pm (GMT)

    We are doing heroic rancor..

    We are doing normal tank takedown..

    We lost some for the new raid (they quit) and we kicked some due to being inactive and now looking for new members.

    We are looking for 80+ members who aims for heroic tank takedown..

    Please contact us from here or add us in-game if you wanna join..
  • My guilds manages to be in the top 100 by the end of every month . We are very active and most been with the guild since the beginning . Good members with great game knowledge to help you. Use your force squadron is recruiting level 80 daily 600 coins daily. If you are looking for long term guild my àllie code is 474-592-618 . Mose of my team covers most of the USA timezones the guild activities resets @730 est and the guild resets 1am est we are very friendly no drama
  • Liev
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    Guild: Jedi Hunters

    We are a day one guild looking to clear T7 AAT as soon as possible. We currently defeat T6 AAT in 5 days and reducing our times.

    Time Zone: CDT (US based guild)

    Raid Rules:
    • Rancor:
        [1.] 13:00 hrs or 21:00 hrs [2.] One attack per member [3.] Don't post scores until 25 have passed (13:25 or 21:25 hrs)
    • AAT:
        [1.] FFA 24/7

    Third party app(s): The use of LINE App is mandatory!

    We clear a min of 3 T7 Rancor Raids + 1 T6 AAT Raid per week. Don't miss this opportunity to help us defeat our first T7 AAT!

    Contact me via Line App with my ID: jedihunterliev
    or sent me a PM over here.
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  • Hello everyone!

    "Driving Forces" looking for new guild mates. We are currently doing T6 raids about every 3 days. Looking for a few extra strong members to help knock out the tank takedown. We are very laid back, no outside chat used. Only thing I really ask is that you do 500-600 guild tickets every day.

    Message me if you want to join or want more info.
  • Make Mandal0re Great Again is a US CST based guild currently raiding tier 6 on Pit Raid and Normal on AAT.

    Currently sitting at 42/50 and would like to fill out the remainder of our slots with players who can raid tier 6 with an eye toward tier 7 hopefully in the near future. Doesn't matter if you're not there yet. We are a patient group who have taken in several newbies and lower level players in the past who are nearing the point of being consistent damage dealers. Of course with AAT, we really need all the bodies we can get.

    We're pretty lax on rules and that has worked fine for us thus far. We just ask that you remain as active as possible, but understand that sometimes life takes priority. The courtesy of just letting us know if you anticipate an extended absence is always appreciated. Just remain as active as possible and keep progressing. We have not used a third party chat.

    Most of our players range from upper 70's to 83 focusing on building appropriate depth and power in squads to make the jump. We are a team focused group who tries to ensure that all members have a reasonable chance to get on the board each raid. If you're kicking in the daily tickets to keep the raids coming, we want to make sure you get in on the rewards too. So we're not looking for players who are not down with that approach.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, or if you have questions, message me back in pm.

  • Cloud City Smugglers (46/50) is looking for members who are level 81+ with at least 4 squads of rank 7 and gear8+ characters.

    Tank Takedown Raid Details
    Currently we are running normal raids while preparing for Heroic. To prepare for heroic everyone needs 4 squads at minimum which can do 2% damage per squad per phase. Players who cannot meet these requirements will be replaced. Leaders will help those who ask to form squads and strategies which can accomplish the goal above.

    Heroic Rancor Raid Details
    Raids occur about every other day, when coins are available. Zero damage attacks begin at Noon EST. Free for all attacks begin after 9:30pm EST. (Zero damage attacks give everyone 9.5 hours to get credit for the raid).

    We do use the "Line" APP to assist each other with strategies. However "Line" is not required.

    Ally or PM me if interested.
    Game ID = 683-138-175.
    Line ID = Foe-hammer

  • Black Squadron has an opening for about 5 active members. We have had very low turnover since the beginning, but lately have had a few members here and there get frustrated with game and quit.

    We are a T7 Rancor guild with organized and structured raids. We are running normal AAT, but def working towards Heroic.

    Very chatty and fun group of people. We don't have strict requirements for activity but just ask that you do you best to get your 600 a day. Our one requirement is that you join our chat group on Line.

    For more info please check out our recruiting post. Thanks.
  • No Restraint - Looking for a few new members, several members from a guild, even a small guild merge. Heres the skinny

    Day One Guild. Herioc Rancor every 2-3 days. Every 2 days with 50 members contributing. Normal Tank Raid at the moment, will go to Herioc ASAP.

    Basic Rules
    - Slack Chat App. Must. Communication is key for guidelines, contributions, etc.
    - Rancor Raid - We ensure everyone gets a chance at the rewards and 7star han.
    - Tank Raid is FFA 24/7.

    - Contribute Daily 600 tickets and meet daily activity minimums.
    - Hammer the Tank Raid as much as possible.
    - 20+ 7* toons is ideal.

    PM me here. Ally code 245-724-282 for in game.
  • Join the Mos Eisley Cantina Crashers

    We are a casual, mature, mostly free to play guild with 25 very active members, almost all are lvl 80+. We recently migrated guilds to take back control of the leadership (old guild had a leader that was no longer active) and we are looking to raise our numbers. We are a friendly group that is currently getting through a T6 rancor raid in about 3-4 days. Our guild resets at midnight MST (GMT - 7) and the guild activity reset is 5:30pm (in the same time zone). Our top 5 guys have about 25 7* characters and our whole guild averages above 10 7*. I am not one of the top guys in the guild but represent a good average. We are a nice and respectful group with no activity requirements, I hope you come help us take over the galaxy!

    Ally-code: 915-555-178

    Looking for a few new members for a Heroic Rancor Raid Guild, currently doing Normal for AAT gearing up to do Heroic
    - Must have LINE app
    - Must have at least 10 7* Toons
    - Must complete daily 600 guild coin activity
    Currently Raids are 4 times a week (3 Rancor Raids Scheduled & 1 AAT raid which run one after another)
    Rancor Raids
    - Monday: 11 am EST
    - Wednesday: 9 pm EST
    - Saturday: 5 pm EST
    Schedule is to try and provide the most amounts of raids for a diverse work schedule and geo location. We are a drama free guild so please keep that in mind.
    PM for more details or ally code is 676-785-714.
  • TheLegion is actively recruiting new players who are ready to take the next step. We're pushing closer to Heroic Tank Raids and looking for those who want to make that step.

    Our guild is run by committee. Input from each player is valued. Participation is bilateral in our guild. Participate in guild donations, daily guild activities and every single raid.

    We only take on Heroic Rancor Raids. Our guild currently completes a heroic raid in about 2-3 hours. We only have one rule for our Heroic raid: Each player gets ONE battle. Get in on any phase you choose!

    Like I said earlier, participation is bilateral. Donate to raid and be afforded the opportunity to raid. Once there's 50 players on the raid leaderboard it goes to free-for-all.

    And for a few requirements (after all, getting to Heroic Tank Raids is the goal!)...
    -We conduct Rancor Raids at Noon Pacific Time. That time will not be altered.
    - lvl 82+
    -20 7* toons or very close to it
    -donate your 600 daily

    TheLegion uses Discord to communicate and is a requirement for all players. That being said, we will not respond to direct message through this forum. The discord link below will grant you access to our entry level channel, where myself or an officer will be in touch with you to discuss joining the guild.


    Discord invite tag: 3fZnvKG
  • Strontium Dogs looking to strengthen guild for Heroic ATT.

    We have had to remove some low activity players with the aim of recruiting stronger, or at least more active players. Have five slots available right now but will consider groups of up to ten. We currently raid T7 Rancor three times a week and ATT whenever we can.

    -time zone UK (GMT)

    -short version of rules: T7 Rancor, 1 attack per player. ATT is free for all.

    We don't require any third party chat apps, and don't have any minimum contributions to hit. Just looking for active and enthusiastic players that want to work towards taking down that tank!

    We are a relaxed, friendly guild, active in chat and happy to help each other out with donations or advice. Mainly UK based but have members from all over, so all time zones welcome :)

    If you would like an invite or have any questions PM me here, or just add me as an ally and I'll send you an invite.

    Ally code: 417-617-688

  • Galactic Legends (45/50): We are looking to stop a 4 armed bot from taking over the galaxy. We need multiple teams who are level 70+ with at least 2 squads of rank 6 and gear 7+. Looking for consistent play, and wanting to be active in helping the guild.
    Currently running Tank Raid.
    We also run normal raid level V at least 2x/week.
    Ally me or Manny415 if interested.
    Czonka Game ID = 592-422-493
    Manny415 Game ID = 816-242-334
    Lets have some fun and take down some annoying bots.
  • Guardian_1091
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    Guild Name : Blackmamba
    Guild Location : India
    Guild Language : English
    Communication : Whatsapp and Guild chat
    Time Zone : CST+11.30 hrs or GMT+5.30 hrs or IST

    We are a guild based in India consisting entirely of FTP players and consists of 40 members with 23 members above level 75 regularly active in the game and has a separate whatsapp group to discuss regarding game and strategies.

    2 Tier 6 raid per week
    Raid Start time : 6.30pm IST / 1pm GMT / 7am CST
    No limitations

    Daily Activities : 600 energy per day
    Level : Any level
    Toons : Minimum Five(5) 7* toons with gear level 8 or above

    ALLY CODE : 366-717-919

    Interested players send me your ally code or your ally invite to my account.
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  • Liev
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    Guild: Jedi Hunters

    We are a day one guild looking to clear T7 AAT as soon as possible. We currently defeat T6 AAT in 5 days and reducing our times.

    Time Zone: CDT (US based guild)

    Raid Rules:
    • Rancor:
        [1.] 13:00 hrs or 21:00 hrs [2.] One attack per member [3.] Don't post scores until 25 have passed (13:25 or 21:25 hrs)
    • AAT:
        [1.] FFA 24/7

    Third party app(s): The use of LINE App is mandatory!

    We clear a min of 3 T7 Rancor Raids + 1 T6 AAT Raid per week. Don't miss this opportunity to help us defeat our first T7 AAT!

    Contact me via Line App with my ID: jedihunterliev
    or sent me a PM over here.
  • Xioborg
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    ** Slots filled **
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  • Calbion
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    Scum & Villainy Heroic Rancor & T6 Tank

    Our guild: We are a group of players who have played together since before raids came out. We are looking to recruit a few new members for a mainly UK based guild.


    1. lvl 82+
    2. 5 x 7* toons gear 10/11
    3. 5 x 7* toons gear 9
    4. Able to contribute 600 raid tickets daily
    5. Line chat (advised)

    We have defeated T6 Tank and are working on getting the completion time down - this is our guild objective so we want players building teams towards it.

    Rancor heroic - We have introduced a registration (score 0) period (24h) to make sure everyone gets on the board before it's a free for all. Rancor raid time is 7.30 GMT (1 hour after guild activity reset time).

    We have 7 slots available after removing players that have quit/low activity.

    To join please add my ally code and pm.

    My ally code is: 193-256-423
  • Obi_Wan_Chaos
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    Time Zone - USA MST
    Player Base - Mixture of US and EU players (f2p and p2p)
    Chat app - Slack
    Pit level- Heroic (T7) (as many as allowed per week)

    Raid Rules: 500k damage until Free For All is announced in phase 4 of the raid. The top members have Han Solo maxed out therefore they do not hit for the 500k to give others a chance at the Han Solo shards.

    Guild Rules - The most important rule is to contribute your 600 coins daily. This helps us raid faster and benefits everyone in the guild. The final rule is to get on the chat app we use called Slack. We are a sociable bunch of friends made up of people from the United States, the Netherlands, and England. It is imperative to our success as a guild to communicate effectively. This is done on Slack. We post raid schedules, discuss strategies, and plan for future updates that are coming out.

    We have taken down the AAT Tank raid a few times and we are in the process of knocking another one out. With your strength and power we may be able to bump up to the Heroic AAT Tank Raid. The ultimate goal is for everyone to get stronger and enjoy playing this awesome game!

    If you are interested send me a message here on the forums or send me an ally invite.

    My ally code is 496-375-721
  • Davidwbjr76
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    Critical Chance
    Critical Chance is a guild dedicated to a team mentality. If you are a player who is invested in the game and would like a drama free Guild that has it together please contact me through line. Guild reset is 7:30 pm est.
    DH leader line id davidwbjr
    Critical Chance Guild Rules
    1) Have fun above all else, enjoy playing this game and in return you will continue to play for a longer period.
    2) Respect your other guild mates. While debating is great for both guild and player, arguing is not and will never be tolerated.
    3) We use the Line app to communicate you must install it when joining the guild if not already installed.
    4) Guild coins, all players must complete 600 energy daily to pay for raids.
  • Vinny2505
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  • GREGOR506
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    Guild name: JÖIN US
    Guild capacity: 90% full
    Pit raids: 5-6
    Time zone: MST
    3rd party chat: LINE (optional)
    Line ID: gregor587
    Min entry level: 70
    Leader: level 83, ally code 699-543-935
    Number of officers: 4
    Raid schedule: yes, raids start every day at 4:00pm MST pending coins
    Donations: generous
    Apply: request me as an ally, through LINE or private message me. Thank you for taking the time to consider JÖIN US!
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