Holy Crap, whats up with the impossible GW teams???



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    Plasmaj wrote: »
    Yeah widget I'm not sure..just read someone say it gets tougher match if you high on leader board but could just be rumor. It likely is just based on power and people assume ladder rank matters... But thought it was a dev said its based on power plus ladder...idk

    this was posted by a dev on Reddit, so arena rank do seem to have an impact on your matchups
    "Galactic War matchmaking is based on your Power and your performance in the Arena. Who you're matched against is relative to you. Irrespective of where we pull players from, they're determined based on your performance."

    No dev actually posted this on this forum. How do you recognize a dev on reddit?
    It could be true though
  • Randall
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    Dudomon wrote: »
    I died so fast i couldn't even retreat to try again, how about that.

    Such a noob...you can still force close.
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    It just felt so hard last night. I think some of the veterans are losing touch with what its like to be a fresh level 55. We are now fighting level 62s. When you guys where coming up noone was above 60 so all you had to deal with is higher starred teams and you had different rules which made collecting dudes easier to get you to where you are now.

    Now I know level doesn't mean much but what I feel is it means a lot at certain thresholds. For example I can beat the number 1 guy on my leaderboard even though he has 5 levels on me...IF some of my guys just hit the same tier of gear he is on. But when he hits his next gear threshold it becomes impossible again.

    When you are level 55 and your best dps is 5 star geonosian soldier and the galactic war opponent has 6 star level 62 geo with however many new gears unlock after that level 61 piece i can't use yet...ya die fast
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    I was only 40 GW tokens from getting luminara to 5 stars today and was one battle short kinda bummed
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