The Gear Grind: A Problem of Supply vs. Demand



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    The problem is the devs don't see a problem - this is just part of the 'resource management'. Cool?...

    But their was never an answer in regard to the lower tiered gear. C'mon, the point was being level 85m working on higher end stuff, and then you work on a NEW toon and need to start dealing with blue and even green gear.
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    7:00 mark on the video he touts the "Gear Pack for crystals" that focuses on "the gear you need". No. Just no. It absolutely drops crap that's EASY TO GET and does NOT have a high enough drop rate on those insanely rare Mk3 holos, Cuffs, and Stun Guns. I don't care if it's gear I USE, I want to BUY the gear that is hard to FARM.

    1 of 30 for Holos!?!?! Just ridiculous
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