From a F2P player to F2P players



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    I'm not exactly new to the game never won gw generaly I'm very poor at the game my strategy sucks I play the game for fun don't care what rank I am just play the game because I enjoy it and I will continue to play :D

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    I think people who are paying customers have every right to complain when what they paid money for is suddenly changed and made crappy and dull.

    It's like going to a restaurant and ordering a filet only to have it taken mid meal and replaced with ground chuck. And the chef saying it balanced the meal or was never intended to be filet.

    Maybe everyone needs to stop complaining about people with legitimate gripes trying to be heard. Get over it yourselves. You don't like us telling the devs how we feel then don't read it!

    This thread is about f2p not p2p...
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