TFP - Targeting Computer

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The description of Targeting Computer (basic ability) for Tie Fighter Pilot reads:
"Deal physical damage to target enemy and deal 35% more damage for each enemy suffering a debuff. Inflict tenacity down for 2 turns on a critical hit."

During GW I was facing a team with Old Ben lead, and his associated evasion which grants turn meter. Part way through the fight the other team was down to 4 remaining members, 3 of which were debuffed. I used TFP's Targeting Computer on the enemy with no debuff. The enemy dodged it, and 3 dodge animations were displayed. One over the character I attacked and one each over 2 of the debuffed characters. Their team was also awarded the TM boost (3 times) provided by OB's leadership. It appears that on that attack, the 35% bonus damage for debuffed enemies is also treated as an "attack" that can be dodged.
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