Should I cease levelling up for GW?

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I'm level 58 currently and aside from today i have been getting 400 gw gems with difficulty a day my team is
5 star sid
5 chewy
4 fives
Rotated depends on opponent. Now, I know I'm short on healers but should I cease levelling and finishing daily activities to strengthen with gear/shards? Btw, my opponents are level 60+ monsters with 7 stars on nearly all characters after I get about halfway through.


  • Zen
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    Cheers, yeah I'm almost done collecting luim. It looks a little scattered but I'm not rushed gear wise however all but Poe and jawa have purple gear and cannot be upgraded gear wise further without levelling up. I think my shard collection and lack of planning let me down in that regard. I'm still unsure of what my best team is but I'm in and around 17500 strength with most compositions I choose.
    But yeah, in GW, healers are my problem I think. I did well today because I didn't come up against dooku(for once) the damage kills me I usually win the first difficult battle but with low hp as they seem to target my healers.
  • Your level doesn't matter. I'm 48 and some days like today I faced a 62 with 7* chromiums in all purple gear on match 7. GW has zero balance and for the most part the opponents they throw at you on a daily basis vary so wildly I have no idea what they may be thinking. I lost 18 guys getting past that team and can't continue. Tomorrow all the teams will most likely be a breeze. I hate losing GW currency from the game generating a team that has no business competing against someone close to my level. I could have spent 10k on the game and not beat that team simply because I'm not high enough level to have gear on par with them.

    Consistency is my biggest issue with this game.
  • You'll also want to also focus on some high damage guys since the devs have decided max damage is the be-all, end-all of this app.

  • Zen
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    Cheers for the responses guys, definitely feedback I'll be taking on board.
  • I had a hard time with GW until I was around 50 ... since then, I beat it every day, most of the time with not a single char dying. But since I'm around 60 I mostly get far lower opponents than myself ... no idea if that's luck or intended though ...

    I run:
    Phasma (leader)
    1st-O TIE-Pilot
    Kylo Ren

    as first team, with Jedi Consular as healing-backup and Sidious as dmg-backup (and plenty more if the need really arises).
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