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Hello there I have noticed that many people are starting to run short on credits, to be honest there's a simple solution that you already know but may have neglected.

The solution is keycard battles.
50 energy for Credits on Keycard battles is a great investment (if your solely after the $$$)
Ultimately Tier 2 right now gives you 110k for 50 energy so 100 energy (almost a refill) will give you 200k credits. Don't spend your energy on normal battles trying to get credit as they give you nothing. Keycard battles is definitely the way to go.
1 refill equals 120 energy so a smart way to do it is to wait until reset. You can buy 2 energy refills for 100 gems ( 240 energy ) and that will get you a good 550,000 credits if you wait the extra mins for the last 10 energy. That's 100 gems for 550k

Please don't waste your gems on the credit bundles advertised in the store. Complete waste of time as they are charging you 595 gems just for 525k credits were you can get 550k credits for 100 gems and still have 400+ gems to buy more or use elsewhere.

This will probably get fixed by the devs soon (let's be real, we all know they want your money lol check out new GW shipment refresh update) because it renders the store offer useless so take advantage of it. It's a great additional source alongside GW and challenge.

Again please don't purchase the store credits for 595 gems. Play smart!
Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol


  • Thee problem i have is needing to get shards for characters as well as credits and droids.

    50 energy is too much for key card battles just for credits.

  • This could work in waves. I have several level 7 gear heroes that could use th 60+ promotion.
  • When your like me and have over 5 characters at 6 stars needing a mil each to reach 7 stars, it's a bargain.
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • Most of my top toons are already fully geared up, so I might actually do this tomorrow. Thanks for the tip, I've never consisted doing the keycard battles since 50 energy sounds alot, but on the other hand I waste 400 energy every day to get couple of purple materials and a shard or two...
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    100 energy is 50/crystals only in the first refills. For those of us who already use the cheap refills to get extra XP, shards and gear, it's more expensive.
  • Triqui
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    Also, the purchase has a chance for 2x and 3x. Somebody knows how high %?
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    @Triqui like I said, if you are looking solely for $$$ then this is the solution. But if you still need gear, shards ect then this may not be for you. You'll just have to hold out a bit longer until you acquire all you need before spending the energy for credits. For those nearing the max level with near maxxed toons ect this is very handy.
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • This is a great point to think about. Currently, I'm just levelling key players first and then doing my secondaries slower...
  • Good guide. After I hit 70 I plan on doing this. Too many toons ready for promotions or leveling who are stuck as all my energy goes towards XP (and equipment).

    It's a shame they didn't give it more of an increase. Even making it 150k for tier 2 would have made this a significantly better investment. As it is you spend most of your energy for the day for the equivalent of an extra GW credit boost.
  • Guys, what's the bug in tier II key card Challenge? Display or reward bug?
  • It is a better value, however think on this though as well. From a crystal standpoint you do save, however that 550k is nothing. To take a toon up in the upper 60's 2 levels is roughly 235k for 2 levels. so that 100 crystals does not level 2 toons up 2 levels even. I'd rather those refills to gear.

    It is a good crystal saving idea and strategy. Thank you for sharing it. Many will benefit.
  • Wow and now they have reduced it to 25k for 25 energy when you were getting 110k for 50 energy
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • Sorry guys, this guide is no longer relevant due to the new major update that was suppose to make things better. Instead of 50 energy for 110k it is now 25 energy for 8k. Just play patiently, do not spend much on crystals. I tell you now that the devs may answer us now and give us what we request since their game is still new, but once they are going well and strong you can expect dirty moves like this more often. 25 energy for 8k credit is just ludicrous. 1.0/5.0 rating for this game, unfortunately it's becoming another greedy cash grab.
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • The devs took a dump on us with this move can't believe they changed this and removed the key cards. EA is all about the money
    Use the force Luke.... and get rid of that stupid musket.
  • I loaded up on 6☆ Training Droids in key card battles right before the upgrade. Now I have 23 of Droids no longer available and Can not get the credits to use them.
    I was considering spending more real $. Now, I refuse to.
    It was a bone head move.
    Those who spent small amounts like me will now not spend any.
    We feel betrayed.
    Oh well.
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