QoL game improvements - ***PARTS 1, 2, 3 & 4! UPDATE*** (Comments) ***MEGATHREAD***


  • Whoa... did not expect that many QoL changes! Thank you dev team for making it happen!
  • Did anyone else notice the favorite tab at the bottom of the first QoL video with Krennic
  • Please please please PLEASE let us customize our Arena payout times. It should be like the name change. The first change could be free and subsequent change can crystals and/or be set on a cooldown, so people aren't using changes to unduly manipulate rewards. Most of us have our payouts at 6p and 7p local time. Many of us are often driving home from work and/or having dinner with our families at that time. But the point is that a one size time can never fit all. We all have different responsibilities, demands, and lifestyles. We should be able to play and enjoy the game at times of leisure that are convenient to the player and that time is rightfully decided by the player individually.

    The current 6p time actually incentivizes players to play while driving. This is dangerous behavior and obviously would be a poor choice by a player, but a good and considerate game should not tempt and incentivize players to engage in said behavior.

    Back to back payout times means that to maximize rewards, players need to be battling almost continuously for 2 hours. It is unreasonable to ask people to do this day after day. Customizing times should allow us to choose a Fleet payout in the morning and an Arena payout in the evening, for example.

    Star Wars is intended to be a family franchise. As a father of young children, I try to teach them how to interact personally with others and engage in conversation at dinner. I then whip out my phone to see if I have been attacked. Even my 4 year old has probably figured out why I run off to the restroom at 5:53. Frankly, the Arena payouts make me a hypocrite.

    This is my number one issue with this entire game. If you added this one simple feature and did nothing else, I would be exponentially happier and I guarantee, I would play this game much longer into the future. As it is, I hate myself for not quitting over this single issue long ago.
  • The arena payout "problem" literally affects a small fraction of the top 1% of the players. I usually hang around position 20-50 and this will not affect me one bit. Let's see if the loudest voice wins or the sensible choice prevails.

    This definitely affects a lot more than 1%.

    But you're quite right, hopefully the sensible choice will prevail and they will change it rather than hearing your loud voice.

    I totally disagree with Noodlehead. The payout time affects the top 20 less, not more, because of the Arena truces that many have in place. The churn in 20-50 is much higher and you have to watch your back even more and be even more attentive when trying to snipe into the next higher prize tier.
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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    Greetings holotable heroes,

    [*] Challenge Completion and Rewards

    [*] Character Gear Challenge rewards have been increased so that higher tiers always provide better rewards.
    [*]When the final tier is simmable for all Character Challenges, a multi-sim button is available to sim all available challenges at once. (Timers still apply)

    I really hope you are fixing the current exploit with challenges before this goes live or the issue is going to be compounded even more...
  • This is awesome. Thank you very much for this QoL Update
  • Really nice work DEVS. Thank you so much for the improvements. Especially daily challenges update is HUUUUUUGE.
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    I take it the lock on Bobas buff is a symbol so we know it cant be dispelled? :)

    I wonder if anymore are coming which cant really be dispelled like bobas unique?

    Also great looking update... i did wonder if it would drop tonight with the last of the videos ?

    Only complaint I have is the dragging out of the Nihlus event....


  • PLEASE! for the love of all that is holy, let me select ships and toons through buffs! That is Gawd awful annoying when im trying to select a ship (or toon in normal battles sometimes) to heal or take that bonus turn, or target or whatever and i cant because the buffs/debuffs overide the selection of the said ship/toon.

    Speeding up ship animations or increasing timer is next on my list...

  • Fantastic updates, great work!

    Fingers crossed for mod management improvements <3
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  • Ronoaldo wrote: »
    Fantastic updates, great work!

    Fingers crossed for mod management improvements <3

    +1 :D day 2 updates are great! :D:D Hope they will improve mod management too :)
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  • We can have the mk3 droid callers AND the mk6 syringe from challenges??????
    This is so great!!!!!!!!!
  • when is this update happening, today, tomorrow, next week?
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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    [*] Speed Up Combat: Combat speed can now be modified between three settings (1x, 2x, 4x).

    Praise the sun.
  • When will these come out. Pls dont say August
  • EA_Jesse wrote: »
    Part 2 of the QOL update will be coming in the next few hours. We had a short delay with the videos.

    Team instincts Internets went out. No video until it is corrected.
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  • "They increased the quantities of gear you get"

    If you look at the rewards, it looks like they increased the possible amount but greatly increased the randomness or made the average much lower. He only got 6 out of a possible 14 worthless mk4 stun guns. The cores he got 12 of 18. Before you got max or 1 below.

    What appears to be a big gain, since they didn't put 1-9 there on purpose, could in reality be close to a wash.

    Who knows, maybe in a month people start complaining they need carbanti but now get less. I'm reserving judgement until I see the actual payout for a few weeks. It says you get 2 zeta from ship challenges and omegas from cantina nodes...
  • This update doesn't include mod management plague and therefore means nothing. Actually it means minus points. Move along.

    Another week with minimal work done, good job.
  • They need to fix the drop rates. Getting 2 purple pieces of gear a day is getting really old. Also getting only the bare minimum in various character/ship/resource packs need fixed right away, all of my guild stopped making purchases due to this issue.
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    Just thank you! Those are great changes that will make the game even more fun!
  • I like the idea of speed upgrades for ship Battles, But will this Fix lag issues, or make them worse? I lose a number of my ship battles as my game slows down as the battle progresses.

    Will it be possible to set some chars to primary only on auto, and some not? I would assume for Rancor you would want QGJ and perhapes Teebo on primary auto, others perhaps not.
  • When is it happening? Does anyone know?
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    The0n3 wrote: »
    When is it happening? Does anyone know?

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  • I think these updates rock and will be very useful.

    I just want to say thank you for the updates.
  • Great update! When can we expect patch for these updates?
  • Great update! When can we expect patch for these updates?

    @EA_Jesse ?
    In game name: Lucas Gregory FORMER PLAYER - - - -"Whale blah grump poooop." - Ouchie

    In game guild: TNR Uprising
    I beat the REAL T7 Yoda (not the nerfed one) and did so before mods were there to help
    *This space left intentionally blank*
  • How about a real use for the MK 4 A/KT Stun Guns everyone has lying around. We get tons from the gear challenges but, unlike Carbati salvage, have no actual use for them. Sure, they are part of the MK 5 Nubian Design Tech, which is a part of the MK 3 Zaltin Bacta Gel, but I'm never going to be close to running out of them. The "gear crunch" could be eased if you created a merchant shop (i.e. a use for Jabba the Hut) where I could trade a certain number same tier gears (purple for purple) each day.
  • Great update! When can we expect patch for these updates?

    +1. Update today????
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