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Sorry Guys, if this is post #23464 for this theme, but I am so excited because of the upcoming Emperors Demise and I would like to know, if I would be able to unlock him at 7*, because I am playing only since january and my squad isn´t that high.

I think, that I will be level 75, when the event appears. I will use Akbar, Lando, Wiggs and STH for the event and I should be able to have all of them to gear level VIII until then.

My mods are pretty low, because I had to spend all my cantina energy for getting Wedge to 7*, so I will not be able to farm better mods the next few days. Every Char will have Lvl 15 Mods, but only a few of them will be at 4* or higher.

What are your experiences from the past? Should I be able to unlock him at 7*, or will I stuck at some point?

thx for answers!
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  • Cm3Po
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    You might need to play around a bit but you should be able to beat it. I can't even remember if this had 8 phases, but in the last phase I think there was palps, Vader, and a bunch of RG.
  • You will unlock him for sure, six or seven star should be possible also, you might want to run wedge as lead over Akbar, but you will definitely get EP
  • What you need is 5 rebel with minimum gear 8 and 5 star to get 5 star palpatine and the higher your rebel star, palpatine will unlock at that star.
  • Cm3Po
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    You guys realize he said "unlock him at 7*" right? Haha
  • That makes me looking forward to unlocking him at 7*.

    I am very happy and I tank you for your answers.

    If you could only imagine the power of the dark side!
  • Faff2D2
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    You can go as far as your Biggs will take you. Better make him priority when modding. Without an omega on his unique it will be very tough to 7*.

    I still have flashbacks to the RG stun loop on level 8. Be warned.
  • Ah ok... I know, that it wouldn´t be easy, but I will probably not able to Omega his unique abitlity.

    So I should prepare for a hard time?!
    If you could only imagine the power of the dark side!
  • Motivational music for your Rebel Teams...

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