Guild Ticket Counters Feature [Community Request] New Update 8/10/2017

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Individual raid ticket earnings are 0/600 up to 600/600. This is done by players spending energy in 24 hours.

Under current format the Individual Earnings are bugged and do not accurately let Guild Leaders see an individual players earnings.

In order to calculate this one or more players must screen shot Lifetime Tickets of each player daily and subtract the previous days from the current days and or weekly subract and divide by number of days. This has been proven to be bugged too.

This is alot of work and we of the SWGoH community feel it should be addressed ASAP so that we can get accurate readings.

Thank you for your consideration in advance.

((UPDATED) Note to commenters from the SWGoH community. First of all thanks for all the support. Please continue to keep your comments professional and constructive to get this issue noticed rather than the entire thread erased. Attacking CG will not get us anywhere.

As of 8/10/2017

I have yet to recieve any meaningful acknowledgment on this issue. My hope is this will be addressed in next QOL update.

If I do hear anything you all will be first to know.
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