Galactic Republic is OP



  • CrownV87
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    This guys either a troll or a re re, team helmet squad... Someone get this guy a clone helmet!!!
  • Hskull55
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    xMORIDINx wrote: »
    Seem like a lot of linguistic gymnastics to convince yourselves and me that I'm wrong. But I'm not.

    Sorry, but galactic republic is not OP
    My collection
    Sorry for my English :]
  • SadSpartans
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    xMORIDINx wrote: »
    Not even one single faction in the game with that many toons, all of them OP, let alone together

    Actually there is one more rebel than galactic republic toon so there's that lol. Pretty much every GR toon is necessary though, unlike rebels who have both rebel scout, Pao, and Bistan. Most aren't OP either, they just happen to have a really strong arena synergy with zQGJ, GK, R2, +2. Which isn't unlike other factions like rebels or empire. So what are we complaining about again?
    In fact, if anything, they need a pass to get more synergies for raids to be on the same level as other factions, maybe a few more toons like geonosis Padme.
  • BulYwif
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    Just stop with OP threads.... There is a lot of diversity in arena for now and a lot of teams that can beat GR
  • littleBroFives
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    Yes the ZQGJ + Zeta yoda + double zeta R2 + GK + any other Jedi is a very powerful team. BUT It takes the hardest character in the game to get who is also very hard to gear and 4 ZETAS which is a really big investment. but yes this team is extremely good given you have all that. But at least they do not have the Cheapest mechanic in the game(insta kill) that Devs added when they felt to lazy to come up with a real kit
  • also I easily beat these teams on offense with my (FTP) Rex Chaze JKA and GK team
  • Seems like your brain is underpowered
  • littleBroFives
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    well thank you now I know that I function as well as most humans but with less brain power which means that my brain is more efficient than most :smile:
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